How to workout: Your exercise plan

In the first two lessons of this course, we talked exclusively about nutrition: 5 strategic rules, along with some real meals you can eat to start getting in shape right away.

In today's video, we're going to cover how to exercise. Because if you want to look and feel your best, training is critical.

Lots of people make mistakes here, but the truth is there are just a few simple principles to understand — and in today's video, I'll tell you exactly what they are.

Here's a recap of the simple keys to exercising properly:

  • Start now. Get moving; do some exercise and do it right away.
  • Mix it up. Mix calorie-burning exercise ("cardio") with muscle-preserving exercise (weight training).
  • Get to 5 hours (slowly). Gradually work your way up to 5 hours of total exercise per week.
  • Progressive overload. Track what you do, and challenge yourself to do a little more, or a little better, each time."

As long as you do those 4 things, you'll lose fat quickly and for good. You'll even build some muscle too.

Your workout program

If you want some help putting it all together, check out the sidebar on the right.

We've shared a 6 week exercise program for you to start with, based on one of the programs our clients use in the PN Coaching program.

That program is what we actually ask our own clients to do when they want to start losing fat, building muscle, and feeling better. So go ahead: print it out and give it a try.

Tomorrow's lesson - Your supplement guide: Which to try, if any.

The topic I get the most questions about, bar none. We'll talk about which ones should you take –- or if you should take any at all.

See you then.