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The ChatGPT Playbook for Coaches
How to use this incredibly powerful Artificial Intelligence tool to supercharge your coaching.


Registration for the October 2023 cohort of AI Bootcamp for Health and Fitness Coaches is now closed.

Stay tuned for when the next class will begin.

The future has arrived… and it’s pretty awesome.

Since Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT first hit the scene in late 2022, millions of people have been using them in creative ways to automate mundane tasks, produce original content, enhance their productivity, and even grow their businesses.

But what can AI tools like ChatGPT do for coaches?

Short answer: Probably more than you can imagine.

It just takes a few simple tweaks—and the right kind of prompting—to get ChatGPT to serve as your 24/7 expert assistant that specializes in coaching psychology, nutrition science, marketing, and more.

In the resources below, we’ll show you how to use ChatGPT to increase your coaching and client-attracting capabilities.

Get Started with ChatGPT

Simply follow the steps below to…

  • Get started with ChatGPT in less than 60 seconds (if you’re new to it).
  • Set up ChatGPT in a way that’s tailored to you as a coach and gives you better results every time (only takes about 10 seconds to complete).
  • Start experimenting with ChatGPT to generate nutrition, coaching, and marketing resources in minutes instead of hours.

Step 1. Set up your free ChatGPT account (if you haven’t already).

Go to and click “Sign Up”. Enter your login details to create a new account.

Step 2. Use “Custom Instructions” to turn ChatGPT into your personal coaching and marketing assistant.

Custom Instructions are a simple way to direct ChatGPT to understand what kind of responses you’re looking for—and how to best deliver those responses to you.

These instructions also help tailor ChatGPT’s writing and communication style and areas of expertise.

How to Set Up Custom Instructions on ChatGPT

Once you’re signed into ChatGPT, click the small ellipsis (…) in the bottom left corner next to your username.

A small window will pop up. Click on “Custom Instructions.”

This dialog window will appear:

Now add your instructions. To help, we’ve created our own set of Custom Instructions (below) that we use to get ChatGPT to give the best coaching, nutrition, and marketing answers for us.

So feel free to copy and paste what we use for yourself (see below).

Of course, you can tweak our instructions to match your situation, and/or you can input your own Custom Instructions from scratch.

Custom Instructions for Chat GPT

Simply copy and paste the provided text.

For box 1 (“What would you like ChatGPT to know about you to provide better responses”):

I’m a coach focusing on nutrition and fitness for people who’ve struggled their entire lives with their eating and moving habits. My clients often do not prioritize their health and well-being (for a multitude of reasons), and over many years have tried “quick fixes” and fads to enact change, only to realize that the shortcuts don’t work long term.

For box 2 (“How would you like Chat GPT to respond?”):

You are my seasoned mentor and world-class health coach. You should call me [NAME]. I’d like you to have opinions. Give me examples to explain your point of view. Help me come up with creative solutions to finding and working with clients. Suggest things that you foresee would help me become a better health coach. If you do not know the answer to something, say “I don’t know” and offer a suggestion for how I might find out, or how I might think about the problem. Do NOT make up answers. When responding to me directly, your tone should be casual. When you respond to my questions about how I should respond to a coaching client via social media or email, your tone should be conversational but very professional (and go light on the adjectives and adverbs). When I request your help with writing articles and website content for my coaching business, I want you to use a writing style that uses conversational, bite-sized sentences that are witty and smart (but not over-the-top). You can also use easy-to-grasp analogies and metaphors to help you make a point or illustrate something. Do not tell me about your knowledge cutoff if it is still September 2021.

Step 3. Start experimenting.

This is where the magic happens.

ChatGPT’s capabilities are virtually endless when it comes to producing nutrition resources for your clients, providing assistance with coaching situations, and generating unique marketing content.

To help you get started, we’ve created some prompts for various scenarios below—so you can see the tool in action and have a starting point for your own prompts. (ChatGPT allows us to share links to a specific chat with you, which enables you to view it and add to it.)

In each prompt example that we link to below, you can click the link to go directly to our chat history on ChatGPT. There, you’ll see how we interacted with ChatGPT and also view the answers ChatGPT provided.

In the chat link, you’ll see your prompts beside this icon:

And you’ll see ChatGPT’s responses beside this icon:

After you click each prompt below, you can do one or more of the following…

  • Simply read it to see ChatGPT’s incredible capabilities in action.
  • Click “Continue this conversation” at the bottom of the screen, if you’d like to continue experimenting with the prompt:
  • Copy the prompts and tweak them for your specific situation

ChatGPT Prompt Examples for Coaches

Prompt 1: Help a busy CEO with meal planning and recipes.

Prompt 2: Give a client some high-protein snack ideas.

Prompt 3: Answer a client’s questions about the Zone diet.

Prompt 4: Support a client who has diabetes.

Prompt 5: Help a client who’s struggling with negative self-talk.

Prompt 6: Write an email series to help nurture prospective clients.

Now it’s your turn…

The above examples only scratch the surface of ways you can use AI to supercharge your coaching business.

What are some areas in your coaching business that could use some help? Client conversations? Answering tough questions? Attracting clients? Creating social media posts?

Take some time to jot down your current challenges, then begin experimenting with ways you can prompt ChatGPT to help you with each one.

It takes a bit of experimenting in the beginning—but as you learn the ropes, you’ll begin to see how much time, effort, and energy this AI tool can save you.

Thousands of coaches in our community have already experienced this firsthand, and they’re starting to see that…

AI-empowered coaching is the future of coaching.

There’s no doubt in our minds that AI will play a critical role in health, fitness, and nutrition coaching moving forward.

That’s why we’re putting together these resources to help you harness its power, save loads of time, and deliver a far better coaching experience to your clients than ever before.

Want to dive deeper?

We have two more AI resources for you…

Resource #1: AI Webinar Series for Coaches.

We recently hosted three AI webinars where we demonstrated specific AI use cases for health and fitness coaches. Our community has been loving these!
Click here to access the AI webinars (for FREE).
Enter password: PNCoachesAi

Resource #2: 8-Week Live AI Bootcamp for Coaches.

Coaches in our community have been asking for more training, so we’re going to deliver—in our brand-new AI Bootcamp for Health and Fitness Coaches.

Throughout 8 weeks of live, interactive workshops led by PN’s coaching and AI experts, you’ll learn and practice new AI skills that will help you coach more people—more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Enrollment is now closed for the October 2023 cohort. Stay tuned for when the next class begins!