AN INSIDE LOOK: My Biggest Problem As A Young Trainer

(and how I fixed it)

Dr. John Berardi tells the story of how he struggled as a young trainer: Balancing time spent with clients and time-consuming admin and business development tasks. He also outlines how the solutions he came up with lead to an explosion in his business.

Here's exactly how ProCoach works:

Everyone knows that habit-based coaching is more effective, and has longer-lasting effects, than meal plans or calorie tracking. But not all health and fitness pros know how to do it effectively. We do. And, with ProCoach, we'll show you how. Here's how it works.

See how PN Certification students and grads are using ProCoach to save time and make more money. Note: Some important lessons in here for you too.

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In the last 18 years we've coached over 100,000 clients using the ProCoach curriculum and client management tools. Together, those clients have lost over over 965,000 pounds pounds of body fat.

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