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Gabrielle Fundaro



Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro earned her PhD in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise from Virginia Tech. Her dissertation was focused on the effects of probiotic supplementation on metabolic dysregulation during high-fat feeding. Dr. Fundaro received her BS in Exercise, Sport, and Health Education from Radford University and is an ACE Certified Health Coach and ISSN Sports Nutritionist.

Previously an assistant professor of exercise science at Georgia Gwinnett College, Dr. Fundaro taught a variety of courses related to nutrition for performance and health, physiology, and macronutrient metabolism.

These days, she‘s proud to have transitioned from years in academia to years as a full-time coach, having guided hundreds of clients (and students!) to their long-term goals. Dr. Fundaro provides client-centered telehealth lifestyle coaching via Vitamin PhD Nutrition, LLC, and one-on-one nutrition coaching via e-mail as a Renaissance Periodization coach.

In collaboration with her coaching partner Shannon Beer, LLB, Dr. Fundaro developed an integrative coaching framework that applies motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral coaching, and acceptance and commitment therapy-aligned processes in a client-centered alliance toward their own values-based goals. This Comprehensive Coaching model is an evidence-based approach that facilitates long-term behavior change and flourishing health in clients from all walks of life.

As a board member of both the Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind (NCGM) and the Sports Nutrition Association (SNA), Dr. Fundaro collaborates with colleagues to guide discussions and facilitate change toward best practices in the online nutrition coaching industry.

In addition to her teaching and mentoring experience, she’s enjoyed the opportunity to share evidence-based recommendations in international seminars and podcasts. Dr. Fundaro has also contributed to magazines such as Shape, Oxygen, Reader’s Digest, and InStyle.

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