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Free gift: Strategies For Success

By John Berardi, Ph.D.


Get Precision Nutrition’s “Strategies For Success” – a special thank you for visiting our site.

The following e-book is an extension of our Precision Nutrition program and it’s called Precision Nutrition Strategies for Success. With 43 pages and 7 chapters (plus appendices), it’s obviously no where near as comprehensive as the full Precision Nutrition Program.

However, it provides a nice and simple overview of some critical PN strategies including: the rules of good nutrition, protein intake, balancing dietary acids, altering your eating schedule to make it more PN friendly, preparing foods, eating on the road, reving your metabolism, and more.

And best of all, it’s free – consider it our gift to you for your readership and support. And hey, if you need more, you know where to go.

Download Precision Nutrition Strategies For Success (PDF)

From all of us at Precision Nutrition,

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John Berardi, PhD CSCS
Precision Nutrition

PS: If you have trouble reading the PDF file, you can solve it 99.5% of the time simply by downloading the latest version of the free Adobe Reader.

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