Meet the ProCoach $20,000 Body Transformation Contest winners!
$20,000 in prizes. 8 amazing transformations. 16 lives changed.


In 2018, we gave out $20,000 to standout ProCoaches and the clients they helped guide to transformative change. Here are the winners of the ProCoach Body Transformation Contest, the roadblocks they encountered, how they overcame them, and the mindset shifts that made it all possible.


A veteran with a disability.

A busy stay-at-home mom.

A business manager who travels almost constantly for work.

All of them struggled with their weight and health.

But last year, they transformed their bodies and their lives, thanks to ProCoach and their amazing coaches.

They said goodbye to pounds, inches, chronic pain, and prescriptions they no longer needed. Those are huge achievements.

What they gained?

Confidence, mobility, health, and the lifelong tools they’ll need to sustain everything they’ve achieved. That’s even more impressive.

As you’re about to see, the 8 winning coach-client duos took home $2,000, and we gave out an additional $4,000 in special gifts to our runners-up.

That’s $20,000 in well-deserved prize money.

ProCoach is truly changing lives. And it doesn’t just change things for the clients who go through the program. It’s revolutionary for coaches too.

ProCoach allows PN Certified coaches to use our proven, research-driven methods with their own clients, helping them finally achieve real, lasting lifestyle change—and making a good living along the way.

Feeling inspired yet? Just wait until you read these winners’ stories.

Category: Transformation, 34 and under
Winners: Adam (client), Kim (coach)

A former college athlete, Adam was watching the health and fitness he’d worked hard for slip away from him.

Although still relatively active, Adam was getting injured frequently, felt sluggish, and struggled with asthma and allergies. Due to a crazy work schedule, meals usually involved rolling up to the drive-thru and ordering whatever he wanted.

One day, Adam decided to hit a local fitness class with a friend. With his characteristic work ethic, Adam gave the class his all.

The instructor, Kim, noticed Adam’s potential right away: “You can’t be around the guy and not feel his energy. He’s the hardest worker in the room.”

It turns out, Kim had a good eye.

Adam began ProCoach with Kim as his coach, and within 6 weeks, he had reached most of his goals: He lost 20 lbs, decreased the time on his 500-meter row, and his injuries were healing. His allergies and asthma weren’t bothering him as much either.

Kim gave him the option to stop the program, but Adam wasn’t done yet.

He was starting to see that, beyond helping him achieve some impressive physical goals, the program was helping him with something bigger too.

“ProCoach gave me life skills, not just some cookie-cutter nutrition plan or magic pill. These are tools that I’ll have for the rest of my life.”

One of these skills was a change in mindset.

“Life isn’t always going to be sunshine and daisies. Sometimes it sucks and sometimes it’s great. Either way, you’ve gotta roll with it. With my work schedule, sometimes I can’t do my full workouts. But I can walk, climb some stairs, and I now have the tools to keep my nutrition in check.”

Throughout Adam’s impressive transformation, Kim was a reliable source of support.

“ProCoach takes the pressure off going over some really tough topics,” Kim says. “Some of the lessons end with pretty deep questions that can be hard to explore in person. The program lets clients explore their feelings in writing, which can feel a little less vulnerable.”

As someone who achieved such phenomenal results, Adam’s advice to others is:

“Just show up. The beauty of the program is that there isn’t some super complicated thing you have to do. Listen to the lessons. Do the habits. They’re not easy, but you can slow down, be honest about what you’re willing to do, and then do it.”

With the prize money, Kim plans to invest in her business and keep living her dream as a coach.

And Adam? Practical guy that he is, he’ll be buying a roof rack for his car—so he can get his bike to the triathlons he’s signed up for next year.

Category: Transformation, 34 and under
Winners: Kristin (client), Sue (coach)

Like many young people, Kristin struggled with weight gain during her college years.

She tried losing weight on her own, but wasn’t able to stick with any of the programs or meal plans she tried. Making so many changes at once just felt impossible every time.

Coach Sue—who is also Kristin’s mom—knew she had a potential client right in front of her when Kristin moved home after graduating.

Sue had tried to coach Kristin on her lifestyle habits before, without much success. But when it came time to accept a new group of ProCoach clients in May 2017, Sue sensed that this time Kristin was truly ready to get her confidence back.

In the beginning, it was tough for Kristin to adjust her eating habits. And living with her coach, who could see when she was eating chips on the couch? That was even more of a challenge.

But after a while, things just started to click.

“About halfway through the program, things like going to the gym and doing a little bit of meal prepping every day had just become habits for me,” Kristin says. And living with her coach turned out to be an advantage.

At the end of her yearlong ProCoach program, Kristin was surprised to see that it was the small changes she made—like always eating slowly and to 80 percent full—that made the biggest difference in the long run.

Her takeaway?

“I knew my mom believed in this program, but after completing it, I finally understand why. I never thought that I would look back on this experience and realize that I can achieve anything that I want to achieve.”

About the prize money… Sue is investing in her career by taking a motivational interviewing course. Kristin? A much-deserved shopping trip.

Category: Transformation, men 35-59
Winners: Tony (client), Arthur (coach)

With a high-pressure job that requires a lot of travel, healthy eating and exercise habits were not a priority for Tony. He had started to notice, though, that the number on the scale was rising, that he felt winded whenever he decided to take the stairs.

Also: His blood pressure was out of control.

But it wasn’t until one of his international colleagues mentioned that Tony was looking a little, well, larger than before that Tony decided to do something about it.

Why? Both of Tony’s grandfathers died from diabetes, and his parents both struggled with obesity. He knew that now was the time to get out in front of his family history.

When Tony found a coach, Arthur, through another colleague, they embarked on the yearlong ProCoach program together.

The nutrition lessons in the program resonated with Tony, but his travel-heavy job made planning meals ahead of time very difficult. At times, he would even text Arthur photos of his food options during business dinners to get his guidance.

Tony liked the fact that Arthur never told him what to eat, but rather did everything he could to empower him.

“He never told me foods were ‘bad’ or ‘good’—but he guided me to find better options,” Tony says. Soon, putting together “better” meals away from home became second nature.

Best of all, Tony discovered that he had a solid community of health-minded people behind him, which motivated him even further. By getting his colleagues involved in his journey and encouraging them all to take part in his weekly weigh-ins, he was able to pay it forward and help others start down their own paths to better health.

He even posted Precision Nutrition infographics in his office, which he used as conversation starters with interested colleagues.

Looking back on his year with ProCoach, Tony says he’s most proud of the drastic turn his health has taken. His blood pressure is now in the “green” range, and when his doctor said “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it”, he felt a serious sense of accomplishment.

As for what he’s going to do with the prize money? Earlier this year, he donated five garbage bags of too-big clothes from his closet. So right now, he’s psyched to buy some clothes that fit.

Category: Transformation, women 35-59
Winners: Noelle (client), Rock (coach)

Noelle was a weight-loss program expert. “I’ve tried everything!” she says.

While she was often successful losing weight, she’d found it nearly impossible to keep it off.

A couple years ago, with her wedding looming, she went through a familiar cycle: She set a goal, and by the time she walked down the aisle, she had reached the lowest weight of her adult life.

Slowly, the weight crept back on, and later during her pregnancy she gained 60 lbs. She hoped that after having the baby the weight would just melt off. But it didn’t.

With the encouragement of her coach, Rock, Noelle tried ProCoach.

Something was different about Noelle’s approach to weight loss this time. She was different. She was a mom now, and was conscious not only of her long-term health and mindset, but also of the example she was setting for her daughter.

“I wanted to show my daughter what it looks like to be a strong woman who loves herself, and who is at peace with her body,” Noelle says.

“Noelle just handled business,” Rock says. “She dug deep from the beginning, allowed herself to get vulnerable, and really went for it.”

Having a child also made Noelle approach self-care differently.

“As a stay-at-home mom, there’s not much of my life left for me. The time I spend at the gym or practicing my habits is mine. I don’t think I realized it at first, but that was something I was craving deeply.

Over the course of a year, the weight came off. But Noelle found that the biggest change went deeper.

“This experience has given me a belief in myself,” Noelle says. “My problems are still here, but I can handle them better. I know in my gut that I’ll always be ok, and that’s a really special thing to have.”

Rock beams as she says this, because this reflects his primary goal as a coach: to help clients develop resilience. “I don’t train people just to get huge and strong, because if you get injured, then you’re done. I train resilience, because that means you can get through anything.”

Rock’s coaching style is no-BS, with an emphasis on the long game. “I’m so glad ProCoach is a whole year, because it takes that long to undo long-standing habits,” he says. “This is hard, because as humans we want things now. But change is a lifelong process.”

Noelle now considers Rock to be like family. “He’s in my corner no matter what. He’s been such a kind mirror for me. Part of the reason this year was such a success was because I have such a supportive coach.”

Category: Transformation, men 60+
Winners: Kevin (client), Andrea (coach)

Like many feats, Kevin’s ProCoach victory was initiated, in part, as an attempt to impress a girl.

About to turn 60, Kevin looked in the mirror and thought, “Something needs to change.”

He didn’t feel good about himself. His energy was low, he was a heavy smoker, and he was on several medications to manage lifestyle-related health conditions.

As a lifelong skier, he uses this analogy: “I was barreling down a steep and icy slope, and for the first time in my life I didn’t like the direction I was going. Partly because I knew my health needed to change, but mostly to impress my new girlfriend, I decided it was time to make big changes.”

Andrea—patient, persistent, friendly—was the perfect coach to help Kevin make those changes.

Kevin says, “When you make a commitment, the hardest thing is sticking with it. Andrea put me in ProCoach, monitored my progress, and kept me accountable.”

Not that there weren’t some challenges along the way.

As an enthusiastic outdoorsman, Kevin had long thought of himself as active and athletic. But when he started training with Andrea, he found that he was at “an embarrassingly novice” level.

“That was humbling,” he says.

But he and Andrea kept going. “The program’s daily reminders and accountability really matter,” Andrea says. “You’re able to meet the client where they are at any given moment. Before long, I saw that Kevin could DO stuff. Sometimes to his own disbelief!”

When Kevin started to see results, like better balance and endurance while skiing, he felt even more motivated. And soon, his measurements started reflecting his new habits.

However, as a self-proclaimed “numbers guy”, Kevin was surprised to find that the most meaningful changes couldn’t be measured. “The goal was to lose weight and get in better shape, but I didn’t appreciate how many other things would change.”

Kevin also decreased his medication use, quit smoking, started sleeping better, and just felt more energetic.

Although his relationship with his girlfriend eventually ended, he continues to stay active and healthy to impress three other women: his daughters and his sister.

“They were a huge support to me. And now they can’t believe the changes I’ve made. At 60 years young, I can honestly say I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Category: Transformation, women 60+
Winners: Jane (client), Lanny (coach)

For Jane, in some ways life had become a series of vicious cycles.

She had recently gained a lot of weight. As a result she was dealing with neck pain, had started taking pain meds, and was facing nerve issues.

“I got into this situation where I didn’t want to exercise because I was so uncomfortable, but if I didn’t, I was even more uncomfortable,” she says. Jane felt out of control, and she didn’t like it.

Jane’s past weight loss efforts had created a yo-yo cycle: Even though she knew what kinds of foods her body responded to best, she kept falling back on poor habits that made it hard to sustain any weight loss she achieved.

Finally, Jane decided to reach back out to Lanny, a coach who had helped her prepare for and recover from low back surgery 3 years before.

Right from the start, Lanny knew Jane would be successful in ProCoach based on her thorough and thoughtful responses during the initial assessments.

“Writing those was very cathartic for me,” Jane says. “Going deep really led me to open my eyes and be honest with myself about how I got where I was.”

And Lanny saw Jane continue to make progress. “It’s inspiring to see how far she’s come from her initial questionnaires.”

One of the biggest hurdles Jane and Lanny faced together was avoiding injury. “In the past, I would get fairly aggressive, and then injure myself and not be able to exercise.”

Social events, weddings, and vacations (where her preferred food options weren’t available) were also speed bumps, but Jane got through them by applying her new nutrition knowledge.

“I thought, ‘Okay, well I’m going to enjoy this food, but I’m only going to enjoy this amount, not the whole thing.’ I was able to take the information I’d learned and know that this wasn’t the end, it was just today.”

And though Jane has been happy with weight loss results in the past, this time around is different: “Now, I’m most proud of the fact that my body is strong.”

Her quality of life is better, too. “I went from barely being able to get down on my hands and knees to jumping around in the gym, and liking it,” she says.

After years of wondering how people who went to the gym regularly (and enjoyed it) did it, she’s finally gotten to that place herself. How? “ProCoach was the missing link.”

Category: Best story, men
Winners: Victor (client), Billy (coach)

“In all honesty, my goal was basically not to die.”

That’s the simple-yet-super-significant reason why Victor signed up for ProCoach.

A veteran with a disability, he was 365 pounds and dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure when his VA doctor told him he needed to do something about his weight.

Initially, Victor wanted to do jiu-jitsu to trim down, but he soon discovered that he wasn’t fit enough yet. Instead of getting discouraged, he took his coach Billy’s advice and tried out some other classes at the gym.

But just after they got started, they hit a major roadblock: Victor got the news from his doctor that his blood pressure was too high to work out much at all.

Victor and Billy created a plan to focus on the lifestyle habits outlined in ProCoach until he was ready to start exercising again. For the first few months, Victor made nutrition changes and committed to a daily 5-mile walk, the one type of exercise approved by his doctor.

After three months, Victor had lost more than 20 pounds. Not only was he able to start going to the gym again, but he had a better relationship with food. He had learned it doesn’t take a complete overhaul: “Just get a little better each day. That really stuck with me,” he says.

Victor faced other challenges as well. For one, plateaus: One month, he lost only a pound and a half.

Other months, finances were a concern. “I’m a disabled veteran on a fixed income, so that was hard,” he says.

But Victor knew he didn’t want to go back to his old eating habits, so through each challenge he found ways to make “good enough” work for his food choices.

During his year in ProCoach, Victor regained his health. He no longer needs the daily 320 units of insulin he was taking before, and his blood pressure has returned to normal.

But the biggest change Billy saw? “Victor went from being someone who was unsure he could lose the weight to being someone who believes in himself.”

“My mindset changed so much that when I started getting fitter and being able to do things that I hadn’t been able to in years,” Victor says. So much so that he decided to go out and get certified as a personal trainer.

Next up for Victor: Putting some of that prize money into a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification. “I’ve seen that this program works. The only thing you have to do is follow it.”

Category: Best story, women
Winners: Chantal (client), Stephanie (coach)

When Chantal started the ProCoach program with Coach Stephanie, she had just given birth to her second child.

During pregnancy, Chantal had struggled with gestational diabetes and put on 60 lbs. She was also recovering from a c-section and dealing with postpartum depression.

“To be honest, when I started, I just wanted to lose weight. I felt so bad about myself. It’s tough being a new mom—your body goes through such a big transformation.”

The daily accountability of ProCoach, plus Stephanie’s genuine care and support, helped Chantal get started and keep going.

“Every day, you have to check those boxes. You have to be honest with yourself if you’ve done the habits. And Stephanie checked in with me almost daily. I felt really supported.”

Stephanie loves how ProCoach bolsters the connection between coach and client. “ProCoach provides me with a base—lessons, exercise plans, habit reminders—so I can just focus on being present for my patients.”

One of Chantal’s favorite things about ProCoach was the flexibility it gave her in meeting her fitness goals.

“It’s challenging to exercise when you have a baby at home!” she laughs. “But because everything is online, I could just do the exercises at home, stop when I needed to breastfeed, and then keep going. I don’t think I could’ve done this if I had to leave the house.”

After 35 weeks in the program, Chantal has lost weight, but she’s also gained more than she expected: “Losing weight was actually just the side effect of living a much better life—I’m now calmer, more in control of my health, and of my family’s health too.”

Being a contest winner was the icing on the cake.

Stephanie is putting the prize money right back into helping more people. “We just bought a house with huge kitchen that needs lots of renovations. When we’re done, I’d love to offer cooking classes to my patients.”

Chantal gets emotional when she says, “Winning was almost like saying thank you to Stephanie for all her help. And the prize money means I don’t have to go back to work as soon. You’ve given me another month at home with my baby.”

Congrats to these runners-up!

As always, there were more incredible transformations in this contest than big prizes to give out. Check out a few of them below. Kudos to these ProCoach-client duos for their impressive accomplishments.

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