AN INSIDE LOOK: Precision Nutrition's ProCoach

Here's what actual users are saying about it

Listen in as 8 ProCoach users talk about their experiences with the program.

Here's exactly how ProCoach works:

Everyone knows that practice/habit-based coaching is more effective and has longer-lasting effects than typical diets or meal tracking. But not everyone knows how to do it effectively. ProCoach makes it easy to deliver research-proven nutrition and lifestyle coaching to anyone who needs it... from paying clients and patients, to family, to co-workers, to loved ones. Here’s how it works.

Learn exactly how ProCoach works, both on the coach side and the client side. Then watch as Level 1 and Level 2 certified coaches put ProCoach into action.

ProCoach User Stories

ProCoach helps you turn what you learned in the Precision Nutrition Certification into a thriving practice. In these in-depth interviews, a few ProCoach users explain how the tool has helped them get better results, save time, and work and live on their own terms.

“ProCoach opened the door to a deeper connection with my clients, helping them overcome boundaries they were stuck on before. Plus, the supplemental income and creative outlet totally transformed how I see my future.”
- Daniel Hennessey, New Jersey, USA
"No matter what chaos is happening in my life, ProCoach is running and my clients are checking in. After I have my third child (coming soon), I know I’ll be able to carve out little pockets of time to give my clients what they need. It’s the perfect answer for the lifestyle I want."
- Carolina Belmares, Ontario, Canada
“ProCoach has called me forward as a coach, holding me accountable to make sure I help clients overcome barriers and get where they want to go. Plus, the ProCoach group offers new perspectives and an awesome community that wants everyone else to succeed.”
- Andrew Leonard, Illinois, USA
“ProCoach is what was missing from my business. Clients want an integrative system where they can upload their photos, see their progress and talk to their coaches. But I didn’t have the capacity to offer that. Using ProCoach, I’m 100% confident I can make a difference in people’s lives.”
- Katie Wygant, California, USA
“I recently retired from a World Champion wheelchair rugby career, and I'm now using my life experiences to give back. People living with disabilities need help with their health and fitness too, and ProCoach is the best tool for that.”
- Curtis Palmer, Melbourne, Australia
“I couldn’t figure out how to scale my mission to help women with PCOS get relief from symptoms through fitness and nutrition. Now I have 40 clients on ProCoach, and it’s been amazing to see their progress. Their lives will truly be changed.”
- Erika Volk Gilliland, Heidelberg, Germany
“I tried to include nutrition coaching in my business, but it didn't really work because I had no clue how to put it all together. Now, ProCoach gives me a program that's organized for me. It has drastically improved my coaching by keeping my clients — and ME — on track.”
- Chris Poese, California, USA
“ProCoach allows me to provide more content than I could ever reasonably give a client at a one-on-one session, yet I am still able to keep it personalized. Plus, I’m able to coach more people — all while working from home, which allows me to spend more time with my children. ”
- Nikki Strong, Washington, USA