Free Course for Men - Day 1 | Precision Nutrition
Day 1: Free Course for Men


Throughout the industry it's pretty unanimous: PN is the world leader in coaching for guys.

With our men's coaching programs we've gathered more data on fat loss, muscle gain, and health change than anyone else out there, anywhere.

The cool part? I'm going to share the most important tools we've used to help clients get in shape and live stronger, more confident lives.

Budget 10 min a day for the next 5 days.

To get the most out of this course, you'll need to budget about 10 minutes each day for the next 5 days.

Each day, you'll have a short video to watch, covering one important topic per day.

Program resources to download. 

In addition, each day you'll also get some cool resources to download.

These will cover strategies, recipes and workout plans that you can use to start getting in shape right away.

You can download them from the sidebar, on the right hand side of your screen.

Transcripts and MP3 audio.


In case you'd prefer to read the lessons, or listen to them, you'll also find a text transcript of each lesson.

You'll also find an iPod-friendly MP3 audio version of each lesson, in the links beside each video.

Let's get started.

When it comes to nutrition for losing fat and building muscle, there are only five important things you need to know.  In the video above, I'll share those five things with you.  So you can put them into action immediately.

These strategies are the very same methods we use with thousands of clients each year – from people who just want to be active enough to play with their kids – right up to Olympic Gold Medalists – these strategies work.

But there's still a little more you need to know.  So here's what's coming in the next few days.

What's coming up.

DAY 2. What to eat: Your nutrition plan.

In today's introduction, we covered 5 simple nutrition rules.  Basically we taught you how to eat. But we never taught you what to eat.

So tomorrow, in Day 2, I'll teach you exactly that. I'll even give you a dozen meals you can start eating right away, taken straight out of our popular cookbook, Gourmet Nutrition.

DAY 3. How to train: Your exercise plan.

You can't exercise your way to a better body; you absolutely have to change how you eat to see real results. That said, if you combine simple nutritional changes with a specific type of exercise, you can make dramatic changes to your body.

In Day 3, I show you exactly how to do that.

DAY 4. Supplement guide: Which to take (if any).

The world of nutritional supplements is a very shady place, full of con artists, bad science and misinformation.

On Day 4, I'll show you how to make sense of it all when you're trying to get in shape.

DAY 5. How not to fail: Secrets from PN Coaching.

98% of all self-directed fat loss programs fail. There are very specific reasons for that.

On Day 5, I'm going to tell you exactly what they are — and most importantly, show you how to avoid them.

Today's Resource

As I mentioned in today's video, we've put together a cheat sheet, The 5 Nutrition Rules for a Better Body (PDF).

Your assignment? Read it before your very next meal, and use the 5 questions to spot the differences between what you're about to eat and how our very successful clients eat.

But here's the thing: don't worry about how to actually change what you're eating for now. Because we'll cover that in detail tomorrow.

Day 2 - What to eat: Your nutrition plan.

See you then.