AN INSIDE LOOK: Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification

A sneak peek into the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Class.

Precision Nutrition co-founder Dr. John Berardi gives you a sneak peek at the Level 2 Certification.
(Plus, industry leaders share their thoughts on the program).

Why the Level 2 Certification Master Class?

Only Level 2 students are given behind-the-scenes access to the training and mentoring program we use to onboard the full-time coaches we hire. To learn why we created it, and what you can expect out of it, watch the video below.

People come to Level 2 to become a better coaches, develop a system, get a real continuing education, find mentorship, figure out tough clients, and more.

Level 2 Certification Graduate Stories

Precision Nutrition is trusted by elite-level fitness professionals worldwide. Here’s what they have to say about the Level 2 Certification:

"Level 2 gave me more confidence. The fact that it was personal, that my coach really took the time to mentor me, made a world of difference. Now as an instructor, I'm constantly raising the bar."
- Adam Feit, MS, CSCS
"As a coach, you want to give everything to your clients — all the tools that they need. But too much all at once doesn’t yield any change. The Level 2 Certification helps you practice a core PN principal: one thing at a time. The program changed me, and who I am as a coach. And because of that I am able to better facilitate change in other people."
- Alex Picot-Annand, Registered Holistic Nutritionist
"If you want to help people in the biggest, most meaningful way possible, help them change their lives. The Level 2 Certification gives you everything you need to accomplish that. It's amazing. In fact, I loved the program so much that, after graduation, I applied to work at Precision Nutrition so I could coach it."
- Will Boggs, MD, Internal Medicine
"Before going through Level 2, I was telling clients what to do, rather than helping them discover what they needed to do. Level 2 showed me how to guide clients into making those decisions themselves and take ownership."
- Mary Kate Feit, MEd, CSCS
"The Level 2 Certification teaches you how to find the limiting factor and removing it to allow a whole cascade of positive events to happen. If you’re a nutrition coach, a performance coach, a behavioral coach — if you’re a coach — this program gives you all the tools necessary to help anyone with anything."
- Adam Lloyd, CSCS
"The Level 2 Certification pushes you harder and further, in different directions than you ever thought you could go as a coach. It pushed me to learn some lessons that have definitely had an impact on patient care. Having access to a coach of Krista Scott-Dixon’s caliber is worth its weight in gold."
- Spencer Nadolsky, Obesity and Family Medicine Physician