Kickstart your coaching and get better client results with proven methods from the industry’s leading behavior-change experts.

In The Art of Highly Effective Coaching, you’ll learn PN’s 6-step coaching process for helping anyone make consistent, sustainable progress toward their goals—and get access to innovative tools used by the world’s top coaches, so you can put what you’re learning into action, right away.

  • Confidently guide your clients toward the change they want in their lives—from the very first time you meet, until they reach their goals
  • Learn from the best in the industry: Our coaching process has been proven with over 100,000 clients and is used by tens of thousands of coaches worldwide
  • Start now with no prior courses, certifications, or coaching experience required
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Who the course is for

New (or Aspiring) Health, Wellness, and Fitness Coaches

Helping others achieve their health, fitness, and wellness goals is a big responsibility. This course will teach you a proven, repeatable method for guiding each of your clients toward the sustainable results they truly want and deserve—consistently and reliably.

Sports Coaches

Helping athletes become more consistent and capable in their sport requires developing strategic skills physically, mentally, and emotionally. This course will teach you how to help your athletes identify the changes they need to perform at a higher level, set goals that foster motivation, and assess progress to ensure they stay on track every step of the way.

Executive Coaches

When people feel better, sleep better, are more resilient to stress, and are overall healthier—they perform better professionally. In this course, you’ll learn how to help everyone you work with make important improvements to the most crucial areas of their lives so they can be at the top of their game when it matters most.

Other “Change Makers”

If you’re a parent, teacher, healthcare provider—or anyone else who wants to help, support, and guide others toward change in some capacity—this course will give you a proven framework to effectively help the people you care most about.

The proven method to help anyone make progress towards their goals... every step of the way.

If you’re here, you probably want to help other people change for the better, and that’s a beautiful thing.

But, there’s a catch. Guiding others toward their goals is a messy process full of obstacles, setbacks, and uncertainties. It doesn’t take long to recognize there’s a big gap between telling people what to do—and getting them to actually do it consistently.

That’s where The Art of Highly Effective Coaching comes in. Inside this course, we’ll draw on:

  • Our accumulated research and experience from working with over 100,000 clients in our personal coaching program and 150,000+ coaches-in-training worldwide;
  • Combined decades in the field of coaching, education, and training with everyone from “regular folks” to elite world-class professionals; and
  • The most current science about how behavior works…

… To teach you everything you need to start using our world-renowned behavior-change coaching process with anyone (including yourself!).

No matter what type of coaching you want to offer, or who you want to help, you’ll walk away with a proven system for consistently guiding people toward their goals. And the tools to start practicing your new skills immediately.

What’s inside the course?

The Art of Highly Effective Coaching is a self-paced, digital course designed to teach you how PN’s revolutionary behavior-change coaching process can help your clients get better, more sustainable results. Plus, access to our most effective coaching forms, questionnaires, and assessments—so you can put everything you learn into practice with confidence.

Get a crash-course in behavior-change coaching.

Understand behavior, and you’ll understand how to change it. That’s why we’ll start the course by diving into the fundamentals of working with people in a coaching capacity. You’ll learn how change really works, and why it’s so much more than “just do it” or “no excuses.”

Learn how to use PN's proven, step-by-step coaching process to help anyone achieve their goals.

We’ll walk you through our 6-step, repeatable “blueprint” for getting better results and creating lasting change. You’ll learn:

  • How to plan and prepare for your first session with a client so that you feel confident—and they feel welcomed, accepted, and comfortable
  • How to identify anyone’s deepest motivators using proven strategies like the “5 question” technique
  • How to use PN’s secret method to break your clients’ big, complex goals down into daily actions that they feel 100% confident in executing
  • What data to collect to track progress and how to use that data to create more effective behavior-change programs
  • How to tap into each client’s wants, needs, and preferences so you can tailor your coaching to what they want (and need) most
  • When (and how) to guide clients through a progress check-in—and how to make adjustments when obstacles arise to ensure they keep progressing
  • And more

Put what you’re learning into practice right away.

At the end of each lesson, you’ll have the opportunity to practice what you learned on yourself (or a friend, family member, or client) so you can get a real feel for how to apply these new strategies and concepts. This will give you the confidence and familiarity to apply your new skills in a real coaching scenario, when the time comes. 

Instantly upgrade your “coach's toolbox” with access to PN’s top coaching resources.

Get access to the most effective questionnaires, forms, and assessments—both for yourself and with clients—including everything from an initial client assessment form, to a progress check-in guide, a 5-S goal-setting worksheet to help you break big goals down into small daily actions, and more.

Plus: We’ll show you exactly how to leverage these powerful resources by sharing when and how each tool can be used most effectively with your clients during each step of the coaching process.

Complete the course—and move forward with the confidence that comes from following a trusted coaching system.

Once you cover all of the material in the course and pass the 20-question quiz, you can download your digital certificate as proof of your new skills.

You’ll gain the confidence that comes with knowing you have a step-by-step system to lean on for guiding others toward behavior change. And you’ll have built a firm foundation of fundamentals in coaching that unlock a pathway for ongoing professional growth and development.

Save $200 for a limited time!

Meet the course authors

The Art of Highly Effective Coaching was created by our in-house team of PhDs, educators, coaches and behavior-change experts. Meet your coaches and program leaders below.

Krista Scott-Dixon


With nearly 20 years of experience in adult education and curriculum design, Dr. Scott-Dixon is the intellectual powerhouse behind PN's coaching and certification programs. She is well known for her ability to help people understand, embrace, and master the complex issues of nutrition, health, and lifestyle improvement. She's also the author of several books, dozens of academic publications, and hundreds of articles on fitness, nutrition, and psychology.

Brain St. Pierre


As director of nutrition at PN, Brian has provided nutrition coaching and performance meal planning to US Open champion Sloane Stephens and a host of other professional and Olympic athletes. He’s also served as a nutrition consultant for the NBA’s San Antonio Spurs and Brooklyn Nets and the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. As a leading expert in teaching behavior-change coaching skills to fitness professionals, he has presented hundreds of workshops and trainings across the globe.

Jeremy Fernandes

BA Kinesiology, PN2

With over a decade of coaching experience, Jeremy has in the trenches experience working with clients in person, online, and a combination of both (all while maintaining the same care and attention that his clients had come to adore). He’s been a part of the Precision Nutrition community for nearly 8 years and is a graduate of PN’s Level 1 and Level 2 Certification programs.

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The Art of Highly Effective Coaching

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