Step 2: Advise


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Step 2: Advise

Yesterday I shared a host of assessments for working with new clients. Now let’s talk about how to use what you learned in the assessments to plan their nutrition strategy.

As with all good action plans, your nutrition strategy should:

  1. Match a client’s goals, readiness, willingness, and ability to actually do what you’ve asked them to do.
  2. Balance getting results with a client’s ability to execute and how quickly they’re willing to go.
  3. Be based on daily practices and build on a “5 S” model of habit change.

Note: The “5S” model includes practices that are simple, segmental, sequential, strategic, and supported. For more detail on each, check out this article.

How to Create an Action Plan

As you think through today’s lesson, here’s how you can start practicing creating action plans with your clients.

  1. Review the forms you downloaded yesterday. You can also download today’s “Guide to Nutritional Levels” and “4 Circles” below.
  2. Try the assessment questions out on yourself, on a hypothetical client, or on a real client that you’re currently working with.
  3. Look at the responses you get to the questions.
  4. Ask yourself: If I had to assign this client three habits in a logical order, what would those habits be? And why?
  5. See if you can come up with a “5S” action plan based on what you learned about your client.

Today’s Resources

Guide to Nutritional Levels

Want a simple framework for determining what level each of your clients is at? Then check out this guide to nutritional levels.

The 4 Circles exercise

This exercise, which you can do together with clients, helps you work backwards to break down a bigger task into smaller behavior goals.

Want to download all 30+ of the assessments, questionnaires and worksheets we use with our clients?

Print them out as-is (with the Precision Nutrition logo) and start using them immediately. Note: Graduates of our Level 1 Certification program are permitted to rebrand these with their own company logo so their brand is front and center.

Wrap Up

In the end, after a proper assessment, it’s time to create an effective action plan. Hopefully today’s lesson has given you some new tools for doing just that.

Of course, once your client has an action plan, you’ll want to track what they’re doing and how it’s working. And that leads us to tomorrow’s lesson… Step 3: Measure.

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