Nutrition for Metabolic Health Course 1

What is Metabolism

Metabolism has become a buzzword with a lot of mystique, but do we really understand what it means?

This digital, self-paced course helps you master the ins and outs of metabolism so you can answer any client questions and explain how it impacts anyone’s health and fitness goals.

  • Master the complexities of metabolism—so you’re ready to address the myths, fads, and facts that your clients trust you to know about
  • Get expert tools and assessments to help you understand what’s really going on in our bodies and give more informed recommendations for optimal results
  • Immediately apply what you’re learning through specific, targeted exercises
  • Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
PN Nutrition for Metabolic Health Course 1


Nutrition professionals who want to further develop their coaching skills—along with those who simply want a deeper dive into this topic.


This course is entirely self-paced, and the material can be covered in detail in about 18-24 total hours.

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100% online. Access the course materials from any device, at any time, through your online Precision Nutrition dashboard.


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"Is my metabolism broken?"

If you’re anything like us, it’s a question you get all the time from clients searching for a simple answer to why they’re not losing weight or why their body doesn’t seem to be cooperating.

If only it were that simple!

The thing is… metabolism is complex.

It’s the sum total of ALL the activities our bodies do to stay alive.

That means metabolism affects and can be affected by our health, longevity, digestion, fertility and sex drive, risk of chronic disease, and many other things.

In other words, it isn’t something you can describe as fast, slow, broken, or working in your favor.

It’s also not one size fits all

And despite your clients’ high hopes—no meal plan or diet, no juice cleanse, or exercise can help them “control” their metabolism.

But by understanding what metabolism exactly is… how it works… and what it means for our (vastly different) bodies, YOU have the power to point your clients towards the transformation they desire.

What you’ll learn in What is Metabolism

Reassure your clients they don’t have a “broken” metabolism… and get them through plateaus quickly no matter why they’re stuck.

Confidently navigate the great debate around calories in vs. calories out, and explain it to your clients in a language they understand.

Understand metabolism’s effect on health, fitness, and longevity, why it’s different for everyone, and how to support anyone through metabolic issues.

Guide your clients on the pros and cons of relying on their fitness tracker so they’re choosing the most effective measurements for success.

The role of movement in metabolism and whether we can really “boost” metabolism with interval training or any other exercise.

Create metabolic health action plans that help your clients prioritize behaviors to improve their metabolic function.

Determine if it’s time to refer your client to a licensed healthcare professional for their issues—or if nutrition coaching will do the trick.

What causes the metabolism to speed up or slow down—including how lifestyle (e.g., smoking, drinking, stress, etc.) and different foods impact metabolic function.

How the course works

What is Metabolism is a self-paced, digital course that unpacks the unknowns about metabolism—empowering you to confidently talk about what it is, how it works and why, and what’s going on in our bodies. Here’s an overview of the three core units:

Unit 1:
The science of metabolism

Estimated learning time: 6-8 hrs

In this unit, we’ll answer: what exactly is metabolism? You’ll understand the processes involved in gaining or losing weight, growth, repair, regulating hormones, and aging. Plus, be able to answer, “Is it really as simple as calories in vs. calories out?”

You’ll also understand:

  • How to measure metabolism
  • The difference between metabolic activity and metabolic rate
  • How to find out what our bodies are up to
  • How much (or little) to trust fitness trackers

Unit 2:
Metabolic regulation and variation

Estimated learning time: 6-8 hrs

We’ll go deeper into the why behind the complexities of metabolism and answer:

  • Why does metabolism work the way it does? Why isn’t it simple?
  • How is all this complexity organized and managed?
  • Is there such a thing as a “fast” or “slow”

Unit 3:
Metabolism in practice

Estimated learning time: 6-8 hrs

This action-oriented unit focuses on putting your new knowledge into practice and helps you understand what’s involved in losing and gaining weight.

You’ll understand the long-term effects of yo-yo dieting on metabolism and the role movement plays in a healthy metabolism.

You’ll also learn how to create effective plans to improve metabolic health and function and keep metabolism healthy.

Master the complexities of metabolism

Give your clients more informed recommendations and a smoother path to their desired results.


What’s included in What is Metabolism?

40+ downloadable resources.

Get exclusive access to the coaching resources we use with PN clients, including our Deep Health Questionnaire & Assessment, cheat sheets, food & eating journals, and planning & problem-solving worksheets.

Metabolic Health Assessment Tool.

A comprehensive assessment tool to gather data about your client and determine what steps they’re already taking to maintain a healthy metabolism, where they’re falling short, and what you can recommend to make improvements.

Study at your own pace, anywhere.

All of the course materials are delivered digitally so that you can work through the course at your own speed, from anywhere in the world.

Real-world case studies & self-assessment quizzes.

Drawing on our experience with over 100,000 clients, we’ll share real-world examples of what you might see working with people—and provide an opportunity for you to get hands-on practice and apply what you’re learning.

Apply this course towards an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition for Metabolic Health.

This is one of three required courses that make up our Specialist in Nutrition for Metabolic Health certificate. Take any of the courses as a standalone. Or take all three to get the certificate as a way to showcase your expertise and stand out from the crowd.

Use this course to earn CECs.

What is Metabolism qualifies for continuing education credits with the following organizations: ACE, AFAA, CPTN, NASM, ISSA, NBHWC, REPs NZ and UKIHCA.

Why learn with Precision Nutrition?

Here are just a few reasons…

We’re the originators of behavior-change for nutrition coaching, and since 2005 we’ve used the tools, science, and systems in our courses to help over 100,000 people transform their health and fitness. (No other nutrition company in the world can say this.) That means everything you’ll learn has been proven in the real world, with real people.

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Bottom line: If you want to learn how to coach nutrition from the best in the field, you’ve come to the right place.


Get instant access to the What is Metabolism digital course materials for only $349. You’ll learn everything we know about metabolism, so you can confidently help your clients reach their health and fitness goals

What is Metabolism
$ 349 USD

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What is Metabolism
$ 349 USD

45-day money-back guarantee.

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Master the complexities of metabolism

Give your clients more informed recommendations and a smoother path to their desired results.