Nutrition for Metabolic Health Course 2

What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It

If everyone needs energy and nutrients from food, why are our experiences with eating so vastly different?

What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It dives deep into what influences food intake and eating behavior—and how to regulate those factors to help anyone reach their health and fitness goals.

  • Learn to work with, rather than against, natural systems of appetite and hunger regulation—to help clients address challenges and get on the right track
  • Develop transformational coaching action plans that account for the multitude of factors that influence your clients’ appetite and hunger
  • Get expert tools, worksheets, and assessments to uncover what your clients are doing right, where they’re struggling, and how to help anyone look, feel, and perform better
  • Earn Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
PN Nutrition for Metabolic Health Course 2


Nutrition professionals who want to further develop their coaching skills—along with those who simply want a deeper dive into this topic.


This course is entirely self-paced, and the material can be covered in detail in about 9-15 total hours.

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100% online. Access the course materials from any device, at any time, through your online Precision Nutrition dashboard.


Try the entire course for 45 days. If you don’t love it, let us know and we’ll give you all your money back.

As a nutrition coach, your clients rely on you to know answers to questions like…

“How do I lose weight?”

“Why do I have cravings?”

“Why do I eat, even when I’m not really hungry?”

“When I’m stressed, I eat/don’t eat. What should I do?”

You might have even wondered yourself…

Why some people can easily pass up dessert when they’re full, while others happily go back for that third slice of pie.

Or why some people eat more when they’re stressed or upset, and others eat less.

Knowing the underlying physiology behind appetite and hunger will help you respond to your clients’ questions and concerns more confidently — and importantly — correctly.

In What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It, you’ll learn how to help anyone overcome persistent food frustrations with a new understanding of:

  • why we eat;
  • why we get hungry or want to eat;
  • why we like some foods more than others; and
  • how this affects our food and eating choices.

This course is a holistic look at how our body systems influence how and why we eat. With this understanding of biological mechanisms, you and your clients are less likely to be misled by diet fads, pseudoscience, and claims about “magical” supplements.

Instead, you’ll be able to achieve long-term, transformational results.

What you’ll learn in What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It

Clearly explain the difference between appetite and hunger, why each occurs, and how they affect our ability to reach our health and fitness goals.

Understand the main physiological systems (such as our brain, hormones, GI tract, etc.) that affect and regulate appetite, hunger, and eating behaviors.

The subtle eating cues that—when ignored—negatively impact our health and weight.

Confidently answer “no” when your clients ask, “Am I doomed to be this weight forever?”

Strategies to help all types of clients make a sustainable transition from poor eating habits to a healthy relationship with food.

Why simply eating less to decrease body fat often fails—and how to coach your clients with a holistic approach to fat loss instead.

Why people struggle with cravings and make frustrating food decisions, what causes binge-eating, and why physical hunger often feels like an emergency.

How our different biological sex, age, genetics, and more shape our unique “appetite and hunger profile” — and how to make individual plans based on these factors.

How the course works

What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It is a self-paced, digital course that positions you to confidently help anyone overcome their food frustrations and reach their health and fitness goals. Here’s an overview of the three core units:

Graphical depiction of the connection between the brain and the stomach and intestines.

Unit 1:
Why do we get hungry?

Estimated learning time: 3-5 hrs

In this unit, you’ll learn how the physiology of hunger, appetite, and satiety work—along with the difference between hunger and appetite.

We’ll also dive into the physiological mechanisms that tell us to eat more or less or start and stop eating, including brain and central neurological systems of regulation, hormonal systems of regulation, and regulation by the gastrointestinal tract.

Six people doing different types of exercise: bike riding, meditation, jogging, stretching and pilates.

Unit 2:
Individual variation

Estimated learning time: 3-5 hrs

Unit 2 explains why people experience hunger and appetite differently. You’ll learn how age, phase of life, biological sex, genetics, and epigenetics come into play. We’ll also dig into the role of the brain-gut-microbiome axis and circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.

Graphic depiction of the Homeostatic systems (needing food) and Hedonic systems (wanting and liking food)

Unit 3:
Biopsychosocial factors

Estimated learning time: 3-5 hrs

Unit 3 looks at whether “food addiction” is a thing while also digging deeper into the other factors that affect appetite and hunger, including physical activity, food quality, and our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

You’ll also get specific, concrete steps to help your clients navigate their way through it all.

Confidently communicate the complexities of hunger and appetite

Get the tools and strategies to help your clients overcome food frustrations and reach their health and fitness goals with ease.


What’s included in What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It?

40+ downloadable resources.

Get exclusive access to the coaching resources we use with PN clients. These include handy explanatory scripts, diagrams, and handouts to help you communicate appetite and hunger concepts clearly, and give your clients simple steps to potentially look, feel, and perform better.

Eating Behavior Assessment Tool.

Use the Eating Behavior Assessment Tool to help you assess what might already be going well for your client, what your client might be struggling with, and which skills & practices might help them improve their eating and deep health.

Apply this course towards an Advanced Certificate in Nutrition for Metabolic Health.

This is one of three required courses that make up our Specialist in Nutrition for Metabolic Health certificate. Take any of the courses as a standalone. Or take all three to get the certificate as a way to showcase your expertise and stand out from the crowd.

Expert Insights Audio

As you progress through the course, you’ll get “behind the scenes” perspectives and conversations with our subject matter experts. (Includes downloadable transcripts of all sound files, so you have a written record if you want to refer back quickly).

Study at your own pace, anywhere.

All of the course materials are delivered digitally so that you can work through the course at your own speed, from anywhere in the world.

Use this course to earn CECs.

What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It qualifies for continuing education credits with the following organizations: ACE, AFAA, CPTN, NASM, ISSA, NBHWC, REPs NZ and UKIHCA.

Why learn with Precision Nutrition?

Here are just a few reasons…

We’re the originators of behavior-change for nutrition coaching, and since 2005 we’ve used the tools, science, and systems in our courses to help over 100,000 people transform their health and fitness. (No other nutrition company in the world can say this.) That means everything you’ll learn has been proven in the real world, with real people.

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Bottom line: If you want to learn how to coach nutrition from the best in the field, you’ve come to the right place.


Get instant access to the What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It digital course materials for only $349. You’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and coaching strategies to help your clients navigate the complicated world of appetite and hunger—so they can achieve long-lasting results.

What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It
$ 349 USD

45-day money-back guarantee.

What is Hunger, and How Can We Control It
$ 349 USD

45-day money-back guarantee.

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Confidently communicate the complexities of hunger and appetite

Get the tools and strategies to help your clients overcome food frustrations and reach their health and fitness goals with ease.