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Monthly payments available.

The PN SSR Coaching Certification qualifies for continuing education units (CEUs) with:

You may also count your PN SSR Coaching Certification towards credit at select colleges and universities in the US.

Enroll in SSR and select a specialist program for FREE!

These programs dive deep into their respective topics, so you can move from a “generalist” to a “specialist” in areas where you can have the biggest impact on your clients.

Here are your options:

Coaching Dietary Strategies. Expertly coach clients in popular eating styles like macros, plant-based, and intermittent fasting.

Change Psychology. Master the psychology of behavior change to help your clients break through plateaus and make meaningful progress.

Nutrition Coaching for Athletes. Design personalized action plans to optimize athletic performance, improve recovery, and prevent injuries.

Nutrition for Metabolic Health. Help clients understand metabolism, manage hunger, and promote healthy digestion.

(Each program above is eligible for Continuing Education Credits at the following institutions: ACE, ACSM, AFAA, CPTN, ISSA, NASM, and NBHWC.)

The SSR program was a game changer. Everyone deals with stress. Everyone deals with sleep problems. I would absolutely recommend this certification.

Marissa Graham, PN1-SSRC, Co-Owner of Nocturnal Coaching

What's included with the SSR Certification?

Inside our 100% digital curriculum you’ll find:

10+ real-world case studies

6+ interactive client simulations (practice real coaching techniques—without stress!)

30+ animated and expert videos

A printable PDF package for all 70+ worksheets included in the course

Study guides to help you prepare for exams

Instructions on how to build your own Rest, Recovery and Resilience (3R) plan

25 short chapter exams to help you apply new knowledge

Client simulations: a new way to get stress-free practice.

Along with case studies taken from our real-life PN client files, you’ll also have the chance to practice your coaching skills using client simulations. 

These interactive scenarios recreate the feeling of being in a live conversation with a client.

Access 70+ questionnaires and forms to use with your clients.

Get more than 70+ printable PN coaching resources at your fingertips—both for yourself and with clients—including everything from a “Stress Inventory” to a “Sleep and Recovery Ideas” worksheet.

Join an exclusive, supportive community.

Ask questions, get study support, and connect with other fitness and health professionals who are on the cutting-edge of the coaching industry—both in written posts and on live calls.

Become a Certified Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coach.

After passing your final exam, you’ll earn your PN Level 1 Certified Coach credentials in SSRC.

We’ll send you your official certificate digitally so you can immediately and proudly add “PN1-SSRC” to your bio.

Most of our students pass the exams on the first try, but we’ll be here to support you every step of the way if you don’t.

Once you’re certified, you can list your business on our site, so that new clients can find you!

Now I have a much more balanced lifestyle and more energy. And I’ve been able to guide my clients in making huge transformations in their lives.

Bethany Shields, PN1-SSRC, PN2-MHC

Learn anywhere—at your own pace.

We’ve designed the SSR Certification to be as flexible to the demands of real life as possible. However, you can get support and accountability on an ongoing basis, as you need.

Because this program is self-paced, you can take as much or as little time as you like to complete it. Most of our students (including coaches, trainers, nurses, physical therapists, and more) take this course while working full-time.

However, the pace that seems to work best for most of our students is completing 1-2 chapters per week, leading most people to finish in about 4-6 months.

No deadlines or mandatory meetings! Start whenever you want, take breaks whenever you need.

Ask questions and get support inside the exclusive SSR only community.

Hop on live calls to get personal feedback inside the exclusive PN Coaches Community.

Monthly payments available.

I’ve been able to help my clients in a much deeper way, and their transformations have been so impressive. It’s been so rewarding.

Tiffany Heath, PN1-SSR, Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Coach, Owner of TRH Coaching

What will I learn in SSR?

This program digs into the physiology and psychology of how your body responds to stress—as well as how it naturally heals and grows.

Our curriculum is divided into 4 units—and each offers a wealth of information, plus plenty of “learn by doing” opportunities.

I now have more energy and mental focus. And my clients are not only achieving great results but are also able to sustain their progress.

Fadel Saadeddine, PN1-SSRC, Performance Manager at Embody 
Fitness Dubai

Precision Nutrition has worked with and been featured in:

If you want to create the biggest impact—you should learn from the best.

To create this industry-leading SSR Certification, our in-house team of PhDs and behavior-change experts collaborated with some of the top minds in mental performance, sleep, stress, and coaching on the planet.

In total, 10 PhDs, 3 MDs, and 2 best selling authors contributed to this program.

PN is the best of the best. The education they give you is very scientifically robust, but at the same time immediately actionable.

Mike Piercy, PN1-SSRC, PN2-MHC, IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and Owner and Founder of the LAB Performance & Sports Science

With the PN Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery (SSR) Coaching Certification, you’ll:

Gain the confidence to develop personalized SSR plans for anyone.

Save time and energy researching solutions for your clients, with access to dozens of shareable resources you can customize for any client.

Set yourself apart as a leader and a pioneer in your field—because you can help clients in ways that 99% of other coaches can’t.

Help clients get unstuck, recover from burnout, and feel highly capable of changing their behaviors (instead of giving up).

Deliver better results for your clients—and generate more referrals and client loyalty in the process.

Achieve greater financial success by expanding your business offerings and services.

Monthly payments available.

My coaching practice has expanded. I’ve brought on a new roster of clients and I use my knowledge to help them in a science-backed way.

DeAndre Sinette, PN1-SSRC, PN1-NC, Wellness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Not only will you transform your clients' lives—you’ll transform your own as well.

PN’s Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification is specifically designed to be applied to your own life in addition to your clients’.

After joining, you’ll:

Become more energetic, focused, and productive.

Cultivate resilience, balance, and the ability to “brush off” stress.

Get deeper, more restful sleep—and find relief from insomnia.

SSR was a total game changer. I am now serving my clients on a much deeper level, beyond just fitness and/or nutrition coaching alone.

Ben Reale, PN1-SSRC


I’m more productive. I enjoy the days better, even if it’s a long or busy workday. I feel rested, and charged up to take on what I need to take on.

Will Haywood, PN1-SSRC

PN2-MHC, Founder of
Blacksmith Performance

The Certification gave me practical concepts and tools that I can use to help people recover and perform better, even in extreme circumstances.

Aaron Grainge, PN1-SSRC

PN2-MHC, Fitness and Wellness
Liaison, Canadian Coast Guard

This program is not just about how to sleep better, or have better recovery—it is about how you can thrive as a human, and apply that to your coaching.

Ryan B., PN1-SSRC

Personal Trainer

Not only did this program help me be a better coach, but it also made me a better person.

Mallory Matteo, PN1-SSRC

PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Owner of Feed Your Soul Wellness Coaching

The certification created drastic improvements in sleep quality for me. Now I’m waking up with energy and vitality, increasing my work performance and ability to stay productive all day long.

RJ Kayser, PN1-SSRC

PN2-MHC, Founder of Flow Spa
Athletic Recovery and Float Centre

Become SSR Certified,
Change Lives

There’s a pressing need for coaches like you who can truly make a difference.

With PN’s SSR Certification, you will be fully qualified to tackle common issues like emotional/stress eating, low energy, poor sleep routines, procrastination, fatigue, and more.

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