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Introducing Sage from PN

The intuitive weight loss companion that won’t let you fail

No more falling off the wagon.

No more starting over tomorrow.

No more doubting your plan.

Sage helps you overcome any obstacle so you can take control of your body, feel strong, fit, and confident, and love who you see in the mirror.

Meet your personal AI companion today and begin your transformation:

Experience the latest innovation in body transformation during your 7-day free trial; just $9.99 USD/month after that.

Trusted by Fortune 100, pro teams and top publications.

What makes Sage so effective?

Imagine having an expert weight loss guide in your pocket who’s had nearly one million coaching conversations with over 150,000 clients and is available to you 24/7. That’s what you get with Sage.

Sage starts by listening to you: learning the kind of foods and exercise you like and don’t like, and where you’ve struggled in the past.

She also gets to know your work schedule, family obligations, injuries, medications, biggest daily stressors, and all the other things that mess with your health and fitness.

From there, Sage uses “life sync” technology to give you personalized recommendations—based on our experience coaching 150,000 people—to help you make progress IMMEDIATELY.

Then Sage sticks by your side to help you keep going—day after day and week after week—adjusting your plan in real-time whenever something is about to throw you off:

  • Travel
  • Knee pain
  • Job loss
  • Holidays
  • It’s raining
  • A breakup
  • Summer
  • Your babysitter cancels

This way... you not only make progress on your best days, but on your worst days, too.

The result: You’ll lose the unwanted weight you couldn’t keep off with rigid diet and exercise plans. And you’ll get into awesome shape—and stay that way. Because with Sage, lasting success doesn’t depend on everything going perfectly.

Weight loss problems aren’t new. But your solution should be.

Even with revolutionary breakthroughs in wearable tech, instant access to all kinds of “weight loss hacks,” and thousands of diet plans available at your fingertips, folks who want to lose weight are just as frustrated now as they were 10, 20, even 30 years ago.

Here’s just a sampling of what people are inundated with:

“This is how anyone can lose weight fast! 💥”

That’s a real quote from an Instagram influencer who made a 90-second video on how to calculate your calorie and protein needs. Great, thanks. Who’s going to tell this person that just knowing how much to eat isn’t the hard part of losing weight?

“Just use my proven plan! 💪”

Lots of experts are still using one-size-fits-all eating and exercise plans—with meals you don’t want, workouts you won’t do, and food rules you can’t follow. What’s actually proven? This tired, cookie-cutter approach to weight loss doesn’t work—at least not for long.

Fitness Tracker


You’ve taken 4,300 fewer steps than yesterday!

Fitness and food trackers excel at giving you information—including reminders of how you’ve failed—but go to silent mode when you need ways to improve that are specific to your life.

All the conflicting advice and oversimplified solutions can make a person want to give up altogether. And many do.

That’s why we created Sage.

How Sage works

Sage is trained on everything we’ve learned over the last two decades from helping 150,000 people achieve their most important health and fitness goals.

Sage's unique coaching algorithms are based on 3 accredited health and fitness coaching certifications, 12 specialized courses, and thousands of research-based articles used to train nearly 200,000 coaches, which is why:

Sage doesn’t expect perfection

Since the 1980s, diet and exercise programs have provided some expert’s idea of the “perfect plan”—without knowing what you like to eat, what type of exercise you’re able to do, and what level dumpster fire is happening in your life at any given moment. This is like expecting you to complete a marathon when you can’t yet finish a mile.

Instead, Sage starts where you are, anticipates where things won’t go perfectly, and then figures out the best first thing you can do to make progress (that doesn’t feel too hard).

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Hey, tomorrow’s looking packed. Want quick meal prep ideas?

Sage does far more than track stuff

Lots of apps track your calories, macros, steps, exercise, and sleep. Sage does all that, too. But instead of just summarizing what you’ve already done (or what you haven’t done), Sage uses this data to learn your behaviors and predict and prevent setbacks.

By analyzing patterns and trends in your health, nutrition, and fitness data, Sage identifies potential challenges and motivational dips before they become roadblocks.

Sage is there for you when life smacks you in the face.

When your boss gives you an impossible deadline, blowing up your workout plans. When you drop a pound of raw chicken on the floor and want to abandon that healthy home-cooked dinner for takeout pizza. When an argument with your partner threatens to become a “to heck with it” 900-calorie Ben & Jerry’s binge.

With on-the-spot recommendations in these random—but frustratingly frequent moments—Sage helps you make real-time adjustments to your workouts, meals, mindset, and more so you keep making progress.

Sage features

To be sure, lots of apps do cool stuff, such as:

Calculates your personal calorie and macro needs

Asks you about your goals, habits, and challenges

Helps to track your nutrition and lifestyle goals

Sage does all those things, too. But while other apps stop there, Sage is just getting started.

That’s because Sage uses what we call “life sync” technology to not only understand your challenges and monitor your progress, but to also anticipate your needs and provide real-time support.

This makes Sage the only weight loss companion that:

Helps you adapt your calorie, macro, and portion targets to your everyday routine

Dials your nutrition and exercise efforts up or down depending on what’s going on in your life

Regularly reviews how you’re doing—and helps you cut through the clutter to determine the smartest thing to do next

Is available 24/7 to help you make real-time decisions about what you’re going to eat

Checks in with you whenever you seem to be struggling and helps you figure out how to stay on track

Is powered by the collective wisdom and insights of 14 PhDs, 5 MDs, 5 registered dietitians, dozens of top health, nutrition, and fitness coaches, and thousands of scientific studies

The solution you need for the results you want

Sage uses the latest technology, combined with deep human understanding, to help you in ways that were never before possible.

Adapts to your everyday life

Sage doesn’t push you to stick to your original plan. It monitors how your life unfolds in reality. If your routine shifts, Sage helps you come up with a plan that better fits your current situation.

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You’re very consistent with your workouts except on Mondays. Should we adjust your exercise plan so Mondays aren’t a problem?

Recognizes your unique patterns

Sage analyzes your food logs, exercise habits, (coming soon, sleep and stress!) and any other data you share to look for root causes of cravings and setbacks, and then suggests ways to help you get unstuck.

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I noticed you’ve had Frosted Flakes at 10 p.m. almost every night this week. That’s new. Is something stressful going on in your life?

Plans ahead for you

Sage will soon check your schedule and track your behaviors to foresee problems you may not think about until it’s too late.

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I see you have meetings from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Wednesday. Do you need ideas for a healthy, delicious lunch you can pack?

Customizes to your preferences

If you have specific health conditions, Sage can instantly customize recipes and advice based on your health profile.

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You said you have a gluten intolerance. Tell me the kinds of meals and snacks you like, and I can give you delicious gluten-free recipes.

Supports you in real-time

Sage is like a smart, supportive friend: non-judgmental, empathetic, and practical, and great at brainstorming ways to move you forward, instead of letting you backslide.

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It’s okay that you ate more than planned. That happens to everyone. Let’s figure out how to get you back on track for tomorrow so your progress doesn’t stall.
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Sage is here

Meet your personal AI weight loss companion today

Experience the latest innovation in body transformation during your 7-day free trial; just $9.99 USD/month after that.