Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification

Fact Sheet

The Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification is an exclusive yearlong nutrition and lifestyle coaching master class. It’s designed for professionals with a deep commitment to excellence looking for an unparalleled education and practical hands-on experience.

In the program, each student receives one-on-one mentoring from a Precision Nutrition Master Coach, who guides them through 12 months of immersive study and practice. This world-class curriculum includes daily habits and lessons, and real-world, real-client problem solving, using the science-proven behavior-change coaching method we’ve used to help over 100,000 people ge​t in the best shape of their lives.

With the support of their coach, health and fitness professionals build elite-level coaching skills that allow them to deliver life-changing results to anyone, enhance their credibility, and drive business profitability. In fact, our internal research suggests the average Precision Nutrition Level 2 coach gets and retains 10 times more clients than the average Level 1 Coach.

To date, nearly 2,500 health and wellness professionals have enrolled in the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification program.

Continuing Education Units/Credits (CEUs/CECs*)

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification graduates can earn CEUs with the following organizations:

  • ACE (2.0 CECs)
  • ACSM (20 CECs)
  • CDR (16 CPEUs)
  • CPTN (14 CECs)
  • NASM (1.9 CEUs)
  • PTA Global (24 CECs)

Additional organizations accept the Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification course as a CEU on a one-off basis. Program graduates just submit a summary of the course and their certificate for review.

*A CEU/CEC is a unit of credit equal to ten hours of participation in an accredited program designed for professionals with certificates or licenses to practice various professions.

Sign-Up Process and Cost

The opportunity to start Precision Nutrition Certification is available twice a year – in April and October.

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 graduates can sign-up for a presale list via the Precision Nutrition website at:
  • Precision Nutrition’s presale opportunities enable professionals to get on a waiting list up to six months in advance and receive up to a 37% savings off the general price. If professionals register early, they can select either a one-time payment of $2,625 or $262.50 per month for12 months.
  • Professionals not on the presale list pay $349 pe​r month for 12 months.


“The biggest thing about the Level 2 Certification that will make you a better coach is the behavior chance process and the mentorship. The mentorship is priceless – you can’t get that from any book.” – Spencer Nadolsky, Doctor of Osteopathy, Bariatric Medicine and author of ​The Fat Loss Prevention

“Every day you learn something new. At least three or four lessons a week you will learn something you can apply that day. If you’re a nutrition coach, if you’re a performance coach, if you’re a behavioral coach, if you’re a coach where you help people, Precision Nutrition Level 2 gives you all the tools necessary to help anybody with anything.”– Adam Lloyd, CSCS, Founder, Adam Lloyd Performance

“If you want to help people in the biggest most meaningful way… help them change their lives. Level 2 Certification gives you everything you need to do that,” – Will Boggs, MD, Internal Medicine

“There were always those couple of clients I felt like I couldn’t get through to and honestly, I wish I could go back and re-work with them now that I’ve done Level 2 certification….One of the biggest things I got out of Level 2 was that you can’t just tell clients what they need to do. You need to help guide them into making those decisions themselves. That way, they have ownership over it.” – Mary Kate Feit, MEd, CSCS, University of Louisville, University of Iowa, Boston University