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Coaching for Women

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You’ve tried dieting before. It hasn’t worked—at least not for the long term. Precision Nutrition Coaching for Women is different.

Here’s what you can expect from the program:

Over the course of 12 months, we’ll help you improve your health, gain energy, and lose weight… no matter what’s going on around you.

Follow a plan that fits your life

We always start with your needs and goals. Then we help you develop a plan to eat, move, and live better©—in a way that works for your body, and your life.

Get the support you deserve

Your coaches will remove the guesswork and give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. They’ll help you stay consistent no matter what life throws at you.

Achieve your goals—even when life seems too hectic

We break your big goals into small daily practices that add up to massive changes. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime.

Life-changing results—delivered 100% online

Access our easy-to-use online coaching platform and connect directly with your coaching team from any digital device.

Eat better without feeling deprived

No complicated diets to follow here. We’ll sweat the details so you can focus on one step at a time.

Get in the best shape of your life—or your money back

Our science-proven coaching method has been proven to work with over 100,000 clients. But no matter what, you’re covered. You’ll get in the best shape of your life—or it’s free.

Experience total health transformation with Precision Nutrition Coaching.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped more than 100,000 clients experience life-changing health and body transformations. Our secret? Proven, research-tested methods that work with women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles—and a world-class coaching team there to support you every step of the way.

Our deep health coaching method does more than just teach you how to exercise and eat better. You’ll also develop the mindset you need to experience the confidence and freedom a healthy lifestyle has to offer.

Watch Michelle’s story—one of our past PN Coaching clients.

Finally, a program that fits your body—and your life.

You tell us what you want to do. We’ll help you do it. First, your coaches will learn about your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals. Then, over the course of the program, we’ll give you everything you need to look, feel, and perform better than you thought possible. Guaranteed.

“I’m a whole new person. Precision Nutrition gave me all the tools and motivation to make it happen. I cannot stress enough how much it changes your life.”

Proven strategies to help you get (and keep) the body you want.

Restrictive fad diets. Endless cardio sessions. Weight loss apps promising incredible results in just 30 days. You’ve probably tried things like that in the past. And you’ve concluded that they simply don’t work in the long run.

Instead of the all-or-nothing dieting approach, we use a sustainable, practice-based approach to build healthy habits into your life, one day at a time.

The result? You’ll lose the weight (and inches) you haven’t been able to shed for years. You’ll gain energy, strength, and confidence. And you’ll get into awesome shape, without other parts of your life taking a back seat.

Work with the best health and wellness coaching team in the world.

Our coaching team has dedicated their professional lives to helping people just like you become fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever.

Whatever obstacles arise, they’ll know how to help you overcome them by modifying your program or offering new solutions. They’re part coach, part scientist, part friend. This world-class coaching team will regularly review your progress, offer insights, and check in with you to provide support and guidance.

If you’d like, you can also participate in an online community of peers who are going through the program at the same time. Their shared knowledge, experiences, and support can help you go much further than you could on your own.

See exactly how Precision Nutrition Coaching works.

Every day, through our online coaching platform, you’ll get a lesson, a workout, and a habit to practice. You’ll get regular feedback from your coaches, and you can reach out to them directly, anytime. Watch the video to see how the program works.

See how PN Coaching for Women will transform your body.

I’ve devoted my entire career to making health and fitness something that’s achievable and attainable for every type of person, from every walk of life.”

Dr. Berardi is a co-founder of Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest online nutrition coaching and certification company. He’s been an advisor to Apple, Equinox, Nike, and Titleist, and has personally coached and consulted with thousands of clients from all walks of life—from everyday people to elite professional athletes.

John Berardi, PhD, Co-founder of Precision Nutrition

John Berardi PhD, CSCS, Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition is the team the pros turn to for exercise nutrition advice. We’ve consulted with Olympic gold medalists, pro sports teams, elite athletes, and Fortune 100 companies. We’ve been featured in leading publications and named “one of the Most Innovative Companies in Fitness” by Fast Company magazine.

Here are just a few of the 100,000 coaching clients who’ve experienced incredible transformations over the past 15 years.

You’ll get in the best shape of your life—or your money back.

This is our 100% money back guarantee:

Join PN Coaching today and give it your best shot for 12 months. If you’re not happy with the experience after the year is up, we’ll give you back every penny that you invested. What do we need from you? We need you to take the first step. Join us now—we’re ready to help you take control of your health and experience the transformation you’ve always wanted.


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