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Imagine having a successful mentor to help you transform your coaching business.


Leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create compelling marketing copy, triple your productivity, and train you to be a better coach.

Access the latest research in health and fitness so you’re always on the cutting edge.

Get a state-of-the-art coaching platform that streamlines your client interactions and allows you to help more people in less time.

That’s what you get with the Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle—now available for just $399 USD (79% savings off the regular price of over $1900).

Limited time offer expires at midnight December 31, 2023.

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies, pro sports teams, and leading publications

What’s included

($497 value)

AI Bootcamp for Health & Fitness Pros (Self-Paced Version)

Unlock the power of AI to 10x your marketing, content, and business capabilities.

($499 value)

5 Weeks of Live Business Coaching 

Get 5 weeks of real-time coaching from a Master Coach—to help you attract clients and build the business of your dreams.

($594 value)

ProCoach for 6 months

Use our custom-made software to coach nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior in a way that’s automatic, reliable, and scalable.

($348 value)

PN Pro Membership for 1 Year

Access premium content you can’t find anywhere else—to help you stay on the cutting-edge of health and nutrition science.

With the Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle, it’s easier than ever to...


  • Create an awesome name for your coaching business
  • Design a unique logo for your business
  • Practice coaching scenarios using an AI simulator
  • Use our proven software to serve more clients, more effectively
  • Quickly craft a compelling sales page for your coaching services
  • Develop an eBook that helps you get new clients (or generates extra income)
  • Make engaging video scripts and social posts in almost no time
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest research
  • Create a website you’re proud of—in hours, not weeks or months
  • Master our proven blueprint for a successful coaching business
Limited time offer expires at midnight December 31, 2023.

AI Bootcamp for Health & Fitness Pros

This 8-lesson video course teaches you how to use ChatGPT—and other innovative artificial intelligence tools—to quickly generate: sales copy, social posts, eBooks, and even your website (plus lots more).

You can also use it as a secret weapon to get better at coaching your clients. Super coaches Kate Solovieva and Toni Bauer will show you how to do two amazing tricks:

Coaching simulator

Use AI as a coaching simulator—so you can practice having realistic client conversations WITHOUT PRESSURE. This can be incredibly helpful for “curing” imposter syndrome.

Client conversations

Use AI to analyze your client conversations—and give you detailed, personal feedback. It’ll tell you what you did well and, more importantly, where and how you can improve. This alone would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars were you to hire a 1-to-1 coaching mentor.

Once you complete this course, you’ll feel like you have your own personal assistant—who’s highly-skilled in marketing, writing, and coaching—at your disposal 24/7.

We most recently offered the live version of this class for $497. But you’ll get all the recorded sessions included in our year-end Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle.

ProCoach for 6 months

ProCoach is the software platform we developed to allow our internal coaches to each work with over 200 clients at any given time.

Because of this, ProCoach is built to help you use PN’s proven coaching method with your clients—for an online coaching experience that actually works.

It gives you the ability to coach nutrition, lifestyle, and behavior in a way that’s automatic, reliable, and scalable. So you can help more people get better results.

With this year-end Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle, we’re giving new and Freemium ProCoach users full access for 6 months (no matter how many clients you have)—that’s a savings of $594. Whether you have 1 client or 100, you won’t have to pay a dime.

5 Weeks of Live Business Coaching

In February, you’ll get complimentary access to 5 weeks of live business coaching to help you attract clients, charge what you’re truly worth, and set your coaching business up for long-term success. (This is the live version of our popular Coaching Business Kickstarter digital course.)

During these live sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to practice the concepts and skills you learn with your peers in real-time—and receive feedback from one of PN’s Master Coaches.

The regular price of this live class is $499. But it’s included with the Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle.

PN Pro Membership for 1 Year

With our Pro Membership, you’ll get “Research Insider”—where we translate the most exciting and relevant studies about health, nutrition,  behavior, and coaching into easy-to-understand insights that keep you up-to-date on the latest evidence-based findings. 

Not only will you gain access to our library of 250 research reviews—on topics like popular diets, body image, fat loss, muscle gain, stress eating, alcohol, and a ton more—but you’ll also get three new cutting-edge reviews every two weeks. 

Plus, with the Pro Membership, you’ll unlock premium content in your PN account—including our full suite of tools and calculators.

This PN Pro membership normally costs $348 per year. But it’s included with your investment in the Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle.

What students are saying

AI Bootcamp for Health & Fitness Pros

Took all of 5 hours almost to build my new landing page! Thanks so much to the PN AI Bootcamp instructors for detailed instructions and prompts. They were hugely useful and made it so much easier to complete this within a day rather than a few days!

Srividya Gowri

PN Pro Membership

I was sold as soon as I saw the Research Insider. To have access to the research, broken down into understandable, simple language, is so helpful. All the other amazing content is just icing on the cake.

Nick Babbitz


ProCoach allows me to provide more content (daily!) than I could ever reasonably give a client at a one-on-one session, yet I am still able to keep it personalized. Plus, I'm able to coach more people—all while working from home, which allows me to spend time with my kids.

Nikki Strong

5 Weeks of Live Business Coaching

This has 100% been worth the investment and I feel I will be able to create a successful brand and business using the skills and techniques I've learned in the Coaching Business Kickstarter.

Bethany Shields

Limited time offer expires at midnight December 31, 2023.

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Comprehensive Coach Development at Your Fingertips

The Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle combines the latest in health and fitness knowledge, innovative coaching tools, and business acumen to elevate every aspect of your coaching career.

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Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

This unique bundle, crafted for the ambitious and forward-thinking coach, is available for a limited time only. Seize this opportunity to stand out in a competitive market—at an unprecedented savings of 79% off the regular price.

Reason #3

Transform Your Coaching Practice Today

Each component of the Ultimate Coach’s Business Bundle is designed to work in synergy, saving you time and enhancing your coaching effectiveness. This is your chance to streamline your coaching practice, focus on what you do best, and see the business growth you want in 2024.


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