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Why Nutrition Is Crucial
for Taekwondo

(According to a Pan American Games Champion)

It’s hard to imagine a more hard-hitting sport than taekwondo. After all, its signature move is a leaping, 360-degree head blow known as a tornado kick. 

Plus, each round is like running an 800-meter race all-out, says Tim Thackrey, a Pan American Games gold medal winner, Director of Education for USA Taekwondo, and strength coach to some of the sport’s most elite athletes, including World Taekwondo medalist Damián Villa and Olympian Stephen Lambdin.

That makes strategic nutrition during tournaments critical. “If you aren’t fueling and hydrating properly, you’re going to run out of energy by your last match,” says Thackrey, adding that top athletes might compete in six matches a day. “You’ll be fatigued, you won’t be producing enough force with your strikes and kicks to register points, you’ll start making bad choices, and no one will remember your name because you won’t be on the podium.”

Nutrition is equally important for training, which includes both mat work and weight training. “If your nutrition is lacking, so will your results,” says Thackrey. “That’s because if you don’t eat well, you can’t recover effectively, and if you can’t recover effectively, you can’t train intensely and get the volume you need to optimize your adaptations.”

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