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Why Nutrition Is Crucial
for Swimmers

(According to a 4-Time National Champion)

Swimming is a physically-demanding sport that blends four distinct strokes—butterfly, backstroke, breast, and freestyle—over a range of distances, from 50 to 1,650 meters. From perfecting technique, to building muscular and aerobic endurance, to maximizing strength and power, swimming at the highest level requires countless hours of practice and training, says Stephanie Williams, an associate head swim coach at the University of Georgia.

She should know. Williams was a 28-time All-American and four-time national champion.

To that end, the college athletes she trains typically perform nine swimming workouts and three weight-lifting sessions per week. Williams says nutrition profoundly affects how effectively her athletes can train, recover, and stay healthy. 

“An athlete’s body is like a racecar. You don’t put normal gas from the corner gas station in an Indy car,” she says. “High octane, high-level petrol is needed for optimal performance, on both training days as well as race days.”  

Give your body the high-octane fuel it needs

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