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Why Nutrition Is Crucial
for Snowboarders

(According to Top Coach for US Ski and Snowboard)

Whether you’re grabbing air in the halfpipe or shredding jumps and turns in a cross course, snowboarding is a fast, furious, adrenaline-fueled sport that’s as punishing as it is rewarding. The difference between standing on the podium and applauding from the side often comes down to what you put in your body. 

While there are six types of snowboard events, there’s a common thread among all of them: “These athletes are under a huge amount of physical stress—they’re constantly pushing their limits and breaking down muscle tissue,” says Calvin Chapman, CSCS, an athletic development coach for US Ski and Snowboard who trains many of the nation’s top winter Olympians. “You’re only as good as your ability to build it back up and bounce back stronger—and that comes from nutrition.”

The symptoms of inadequate fueling and hydration are typically immediate and obvious. “Attention and focus are the first to go,” says Chapman. “The bottom line is that these athletes have a very high energy output, and as a result, they need a very high energy input as well.” The higher the quality of that input, the more successful you’ll be no matter what your event is. 

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