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Why Nutrition Is Crucial for Judo

(According to a World Champion)

“Judo is a sport that challenges you both mentally and physically. You need to be as physically strong as you are mentally,” says World Champion and Olympic bronze medalist Jimmy Pedro, one of the most decorated judokas in American history. 

To prepare, Pedro’s team trains three to five hours per day, which consists of judo training, running, and lifting.

“Like any physical activity, you have to fuel yourself properly in order to perform,” says Pedro, who coaches some of the USA’s best—including Kayla Harrison, the first American to win an Olympic gold medal in judo. “However, because athletes have to make certain weight classes, they have to be mindful of how much they are intaking prior to a competition so they can properly cut weight and be able to perform on game day.”  

Like any physical activity, you have to fuel yourself properly in order to perform.

Jimmy Pedro, World Champion and Olympic Bronze Medalist

Making weight in sports like judo can be its own competition. “Athletes who have hard weight cuts typically do not perform to the best of their ability,” says Pedro. “Physically, they’re exhausted, and mentally they’re already broken as they have been fighting with the scale days (if not weeks) leading up to the event.”

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