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Why Read The Live Better Project?

In today’s world, you may feel stuck and under-equipped to handle your new reality. You may feel overwhelmed and anxious. You may toss and turn at night. And you may feel like both your physical and mental health are suffering.

You’re not alone.

Over the last 17 years, we’ve coached more than 100,000 people to better health, and one of the biggest secrets we’ve uncovered: Fitness and nutrition aren’t enough.

To make real, lasting progress, you need to first remove the obstacles that are holding you back. That often means focusing on the sleep and stress problems behind your other challenges in life.

We’re here to help.

Every week, The Live Better Project emails you free strategies, tools, and resources that can help you feel less stressed and anxious—and more well-rested, energetic, and capable.

All of which can profoundly impact every area of your life: from your physical and mental well-being, to your family and relationships, to your work productivity and athletic performance.

Each week, we’ll send you:

  • Proven tips and advice from the world’s leading sleep, stress management, and recovery experts
  • Our latest thought leader articles for the deep insights and “a-ha” moments that help you level up your knowledge
  • Free coaching tools, forms, and worksheets you can start using with yourself (or your clients) immediately

Start Your Live Better Project Today

The Live Better Project is your chance to experiment, learn, and grow from some of the top psychology, sleep, and stress management minds on the planet.

  • We literally wrote the book on Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery (SSR) coaching (and are currently teaching our methods to thousands of students)
  • We’re trusted by more than 150,000 coaches around the world
  • We’ve worked with professional sports teams, Olympic athletes, and leading companies such as Nike, Titleist, Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, and Apple

We can’t make all your stress just disappear.

But with our highly-credentialed team of experts, we’ll give you proven strategies so you can feel more in control, and start making progress in any area of life you want. (Or if you’re a coach, help others do the same.)

Join us here to breathe a little easier.

Make your whole life better with insights & resources from the world’s best sleep, stress management, and recovery experts.


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