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Smart nutrition pros all know one thing: Eating right is just as important as exercise. Unfortunately, most lack a trusted system for teaching clients how.

Enter the Precision Nutrition System. Developed over 15 years with more than 200,000 clients, it's the most industry-recognized, career-changing, nutrition coaching system anywhere. Grow your business. Help more people. Become a better coach.

I now understand my clients better, and their roadblocks. Plus, I have a tried and tested system to use with them.

Jeremy, Precision Nutrition Certified

No Diets.
This is real coaching.

Another diet?! Actually, no. Because diets aren't the answer to anything. Except for maybe selling books or getting on TV.

What you need, instead, is a coaching system. Strategies for helping clients figure out what to do next. Especially when they're stuck.

You need a method for troubleshooting when challenges and difficulties come up. Because there will always be challenges.

That's real coaching. And that's what we teach at Precision Nutrition.

We're here to help you get the results your clients deserve. The type they'll brag about.

No Fads.
This is research driven.

Precision Nutrition is the largest private nutrition coaching and research company in the world.

That means we do plenty of clinical research, and consult with many of the top universities & organizations around. But that's not what makes Precision Nutrition different.

What truly sets us apart: coaching.

It's personal, it's research-driven, and it changes lives.

The best part? Coaching tens of thousands of clients means new discoveries. And that's learning we can pass on to you. So you can deliver world-class results in your community.

No Templates.
This is something personal.

Our team is made up of nutritionists, exercise specialists, physicians, and counselors. They're the most well-trained and experienced experts around.

But even more, they're committed to learning and knowing exactly what each client truly needs. Our coaches:

Really listen

To figure out what clients need and what they want to accomplish.

Pay attention

To read between the lines and learn how clients live.

Ask questions

To discover what's really important to clients and why.

Team up

To work together and create a program that's personal...for every client.

Coach and mentor

To ensure clients are on track, and remove roadblocks to success.

Want to be the same kind of coach? If so...

What good is nutrition knowledge if you don't apply it? The Precision Nutrition Certification creates that bridge between knowledge and application.

Tiffany, Precision Nutrition Certified

Ready to advance your career? We can help.

Grow your business. Help more people. Become a better coach.