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Precision Nutrition Coaching

Fact Sheet

Launched in 2005, Precision Nutrition Coaching is a scientifically-proven body transformation program designed to help individuals achieve their goals by adopting simple but highly-effective healthy eating and lifestyle habits. With one-on-one coaching, daily lessons, and personalized feedback, this yearlong program is designed to help anyone achieve meaningful and lasting change.

On average, weight loss clients who complete the program lose 15 pounds and 15 total inches, but without having to adopt an extreme diet, rigid meal plan, or impractical exercise regimen. What’s more, our client data shows that people who follow our plan as little as 10% of the time can achieve significant improvements in their weight and health. In fact, the chart below reveals how a client’s level of consistency relates to pounds and inches lost.

At the high-end, men and women who are most consistent lose an average of 29 pounds and 19 pounds ,respectively. Yet those who are consistent just 10-49% of the time still lose an average of 11 pounds. This is a 5-6% reduction in weight, which research shows can lead to better cardiovascular health, decreased cancer and diabetes risk, better sleep (with less sleep apnea), better mood, less inflammation, better immunity, and a zestier sex drive. This is why Precision Nutrition Coaching is built around a simple philosophy: progress, not perfection.

The Precision Nutrition Coaching method is ​client-tested, evidence-based, and constantly refined based on coach and client feedback, rigorous data analysis, and the newest findings in the fields of nutrition, exercise, health, and change psychology. Plus, this method has been validated in multiple peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Coaching Program Components

  • New Strategic Habit Implemented Every Two Weeks: ​Leveraging a behavior approach to change,​​Precision Nutrition provides its clients with one strategic nutrition or lifestyle habit to implement every two weeks. By practicing one habit at a time, nutrition, fitness, and stress management become integral components of each client’s life.
  • Daily Activities: ​Every day, Precision Nutrition Coaching gives its clients:
    • A brief lesson​ that’s designed to increase the client’s understanding of a nutrition or lifestyle habit, or inspire them to keep doing their best. (Clients can either read or listen to the daily lessons.)
    • Exercise options​ that include a full gym workout, a home workout, or abbreviated routines for clients short on time, complete with how-to videos and modifications for every exercise. The workouts fit the busiest lifestyles, match any fitness level, and work around nagging injuries and equipment limitations.
  • Continual support: ​Each client works with a coach who provides regular feedback on lessons, assignments and habits. Clients can also reach out directly to Precision Nutrition for additional support via phone or video chat.

Sign-Up Process and Cost

The opportunity to start Precision Nutrition Coaching is available twice a year – in January and July.

  • Individuals can sign up for the presale list by ​clicking here.
  • Precision Nutrition’s pre-sale opportunity enables individuals to get on a waiting list up to six months inadvance and receive up to a 54% discount off the cost of the program. Individuals who sign up in advance can select either a one-time payment of $997 USD or $97 USD per month for 12 months.
  • Individuals not on the pre-sale list can select either a one-time payment of $1,799 USD or $179 USD per month for 12 months.


“The way I look, my physique, is a side effect of the program. It (coaching) changes how you think about yourself. You learn how to change and really understand and learn your body again. You get into brand new habits that you didn’t think you needed.” – Carm, Men’s Coaching Client

“Precision Nutrition Coaching was different than what I’ve tried before. It was completely holistic and demanded a commitment from me up front – no denial. Most importantly, support was there for me every day for a full year. Habit forming was crucial for my success.” – Sean, Men’s Coaching Client

“In the past, when I didn’t see results, I would just do more which left me burnt out. So while I ‘thought’ I was working hard, I wasn’t working smart. With Precision Nutrition Coaching, I got the best results of my life by doing a little less but staying consistent.” – Lorena, Women’s Coaching Client

“I got into Precision Nutrition because I’d seen a couple of my friends do the program and have unbelievable transformations both physically and mentally…I walked into this program thinking, ‘I’m going to have…this physical transformation’ and what I got was so much more. It’s taught me habits that now are a part of my life. I can’t go back to how I did things before.” – Jenn, Women’s Coaching Client