Personalized, science-based nutrition coaching for lasting body transformation.

Work 1-to-1 with a world-class coach to build a nutrition and wellness plan uniquely designed for your lifestyle, preferences and goals.

Get the support you need, when you need it, with bi-weekly video calls and daily in-app messages to help you stay on track.

Break the cycle of restrictive dieting and get in the best shape of your life—and stay that way for good.

Jodie - after
Jodie - before
Jodie, 34
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Kenneth - before
Kenneth, 35
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Andrew - before
Andrew, 43
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Jill, 25
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Jenny, 28
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Laurie, 56

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies, pro teams, and leading publications:

Work with the best

Our coaching team is made up of the best nutritionists, strength coaches, counselors, researchers, and specialists in the field. We’ve consulted with Olympic gold medalists, pro sports teams, elite athletes, and Fortune 100 companies.


Sarah Maughan

14+ years coaching

All-or-Nothing MindsetsFood SensitivitiesBehavior Change

With Sarah Maughan, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, bland and tasteless meals are a thing of the past. She breaks the stereotype of a strict nutritionist, bringing vibrant, varied, and delicious options to your table. Sarah has guided over 2000 clients step by step without pain or deprivation, making eating well a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Zach Moore

13+ years coaching

Strength trainingBehavior Change

Zach knows that progress comes from taking small steps. Overcoming his own challenges with disordered eating and improper training, which resulted in knee surgeries, inspired him to become a coach. He’s driven by the desire to help others gain confidence and make positive changes in their lives. “I’ve been there. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people make their lives better,” says Zach.

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Jeremy Fernandes

11+ years coaching

Older Adult FitnessSelf-Care NewbiesRecovering Perfectionists

Jeremy’s journey from rehab patient to kinesiology graduate shaped his approach of using moments of defeat as opportunities for growth. He’s the kind of coach who’s there for you, wherever you come from, and wherever you want to go. Jeremy is determined to break myths and perceptions in fitness, promoting inclusivity and encouraging everyone to prioritize their health regardless of race or ethnicity. “Whoever you are, you belong. And you can do this,” says Jeremy.

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Denise Allen

25+ years coaching

Intuitive EatingCompassionate InquiryOutdoor Exercise

Grounded, yet dynamic. Spirited, yet wise. Denise is a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Maturity and self-acceptance allow us to laugh at ourselves, and Denise has earned those qualities and wears them with pride. At the same time, as a self-confessed “A-type” personality, her energy levels rival those of many women half her age—and her passion for continued growth fuels constant exploration.

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Gillian Fraser

15+ years coaching

Behavior ChangeKinesiology

Challenge is essential to genuine learning and growth. But Gill rejects the tough, rigid, mean-spirited trainer mold. Embracing the power of one small change, Gillian proves that perfectionism and shame are the real enemies on the path to success. She provides a supportive and comfortable environment where her clients can truly come home to themselves, fostering profound and lasting transformations.

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Pam Ruhland

20+ years coaching

Plant-based eatingintegrative nutritionyoga

With a background in fitness, parenting six children, and overcoming life’s many challenges, Pam brings warmth, enthusiasm, and encouragement to her coaching. Her ability to see the best in each person and draw it out makes her a truly inspiring mentor. Through her own personal transformation, Pam has learned the power of accepting negative emotions and grounding her natural optimism, making her an even stronger and more empathetic coach.

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Scott Quick

20+ years coaching


Scott is a coach who cares. Talk to him for five minutes and that much is clear. He listens. He follows up. He remembers former clients’ names and keeps in touch with many of them years after their official work together has finished. Scott's own journey overcoming challenges, including injuries and setbacks, has fueled his passion for coaching and helping others improve their lives.

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How it works


Get the expert-designed, personalized nutrition plan you’ve always needed

Work, family, and daily responsibilities often leave little room to focus on health. That’s where the magic of outsourcing your nutrition and fitness to an expert comes in. Imagine having your very own coach, with years of education and experience, designing an expert “get-in-the-best-shape-of-your-life” plan tailored to fit your unique preferences, capabilities, lifestyle, and goals. This custom plan isn’t set in stone: It’s a dynamic roadmap that your coach adjusts seamlessly to keep you on track—even when life puts obstacles in your way.

Custom plan based on detailed questionnaire
60 minute intro call with your coach

Transform the way you eat without restrictive dieting

You’ve tried dieting before. It hasn’t worked—at least not for the long term. Most diets fail because they attempt drastic overnight changes. Precision Nutrition Coaching is different. We don’t make you follow complicated, restrictive diets. We will help you make smart changes to your diet that are easy to follow and bring real progress. And the best part? You’ll be able to get results with less effort than you ever thought possible. With your dedicated expert coach, you'll receive bi-weekly video calls and 24/7 access to in-app messaging to keep you engaged and motivated throughout your journey. Say goodbye to the dieting cycle and hello to lasting change.

In-app messaging to keep you motivated
Biweekly video calls to track progress
Easy to follow diet changes

What our clients say

Here are just a few of the 100,000 coaching clients who’ve experienced incredible transformations over the past 17+ years.

  • The art of prioritizing health in a busy life

    1-to-1 coaching helped keep me focused and accountable. I found that with 1-to-1 coaching, I was motivated to continue my journey to learn, experiment, and keep focused on my health goals. I was trying to lose weight, work through injuries, and get my health numbers in a better place, and it can be overwhelming to navigate it all at once. Pam helped me stay focused and figure out what practices and experiments to focus on to benefit the bigger picture.


  • Sowing the seeds: of lifelong friendships, and healthy eating

    One of the things I appreciated most about Zach was his willingness to teach me lifelong skills. Instead of simply telling me what to eat and when to eat it, he took the time to educate me on the importance of proper nutrition. This knowledge has stayed with me long after my coaching sessions ended, and I feel much more confident in my ability to make healthy choices on my own. Zach took the time to get to know me as a person, and we often talked about topics beyond nutrition, such as football or family life. This personal connection made a significant difference in my overall experience and helped me stay motivated throughout the coaching process.

    Conrado Zavala

  • When life give you lemons, learn to cook lemon chicken

    PN 1-to-1 Coaching helped me prepare for, and recover from, major surgery. It was really useful to refine some of the habits I learned in the group coaching, as well as spend time exploring some of the things I had skipped over a little the first time around. My coach helped me identify and focus on the things that would help get me in the best possible health to manage the surgery and recovery, focussing on physical health and wellbeing as well as mental health, support networks and building a positive healing environment. It was a very empowering experience and I have continued to use what I learned to keep growing and thriving.

    Jen S

  • When someone takes time to focus on your health, you make progress

    I feel like Coach Scott has “met me where I’m at”. The customization of lessons and discussions to my specific situation/challenges/opportunities has been great. I feel it’s enabled me to focus and grow in the areas most impacting to ME. I’ve also felt no pressure in the program and I mean that in a good way. Life happens and over the course of the year, I’ve definitely had ups and downs. I’ve always felt Scott was there to support and help me focus on “doing a little bit better.

    Jesse Heck

  • Break the cycle of bad habits and build on good ones

    I expected 1-to-1 coaching to be pretty much the same program as group coaching just with more dedicated attention from a coach. It was so much more than that. It truly was a personalized program where Sarah helped me dig into what works for me, how we can build on that and help with some self reflection of what may be standing in my way of success. Video chats a couple times a month in addition to a personalized program where I had to still check off habits and track progress was a great fit for me.

    Jeanene R

  • Empower your health journey with the science of nutrition

    As a former college athlete and rugby player of 15 years, staying fit has always been important to me. However, the pandemic disrupted my routine, and I found myself struggling with my diet and fitness goals. Zach's expertise in both fitness and nutrition was evident from the start. His deep knowledge helped me understand the science behind proper nutrition and the intricacies of various workouts, empowering me to make the right choices for my health. I was so impressed with Zach and the Precision Nutrition team that I recommended them to my brother, who has since experienced a remarkable transformation in his health and physique.

    Akio Aida

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