Squash chronic cisease with Vitamin A


In every issue of Spezzatino, Lab to Lunch examines the latest development in food and nutrition sciences, focusing on the health benefits of our chosen foods. This week, we’ll share the Lab to Lunch feature from our Squash issue, on the benefits of Vitamin A.

For example, did you know…

  • that without Vitamin A, many important organs -– such as our eyes, skin, and digestive tracts -– would deteriorate?
  • a lack of Vitamin A can cause cloudiness in our eyes (xerosis), followed by a hardening and thickening (xerophthalmia) of the corneal tissues?
  • if you have chapped lips and dry, rough skin, a Vitamin A deficiency may be to blame?
  • “Vitamin A” isn’t a single ingredient, but a whole family of chemicals?
  • that the orange pigments in squashes are known as carotenoids — and they’re the plant form of Vitamin A?

Click here to download the Vitamin A PDF and start learning!

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