About Us

About Us

To start with, Iā€™m Dr. John Berardi. And this site was pretty much my idea.

Well, technically, that’s not true.

While the website was my idea, the food and photography have been masterminded by my two good friends: Food photographer Jason Grenci. And nutritionist/recipe guru Dr. Mariane Heroux.

Between the three of us, we’ve got over 50 years experience working in food, nutrition, health, and fitness.

And we’re all part of Precision Nutrition, the world’s largest online nutrition coaching and education company.

Bottom line: We love food ā€” especially fresh, tasty, beautiful, natural food ā€” and we built this website to share that love with you.

If you’re new to the whole food thing: Welcome. You’re in the right place. We can’t wait to share this amazing stuff with you.

And if you’re already into food as much as we are: Fist bump. Come hang with some other passionate whole food people.

Oh, and by the way, I just wanted you to know…

Our encyclopedia expands every single month as we highlight new foods and showcase beautiful food photography.

So if you’d like to stay up to date, simply click this link.

From there we’ll send you a FREE copy of our recipe book. Well also let you know when new and delicious foods are added to the site.

Click here for the free Encyclopedia of Food Recipe Book.