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Partnership Director

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At Precision Nutrition we facilitate two kinds of transformations.

First, we help clients transform their eating, exercise, sleep, and stress management so they can live healthier, more confident, more capable lives.

Second, we help fitness professionals transform their nutrition knowledge and coaching skills so they can attract more clients, coach those clients better, and have more fulfilling professional practices.

We do both through our novel coaching methods, research-driven nutrition curriculum, and revolutionary coaching software… all of which have helped us become the world leader in fitness nutrition coaching and education.

However, our ambitions are greater.

Over the next 10 years we intend to greatly expand our existing fitness business while also bringing Precision Nutrition to clients and professionals outside of fitness, including the areas of: functional medicine, chiropractic and manual therapy, yoga, group exercise, and more.

This is where you come in.

As the director of partnerships, you’ll help identify, nurture, and support advertising/marketing partnerships with leading businesses, influencers, and thought leaders in each key market.

Though this work — by helping expand our reach and increasing our ability to sell to new groups — you’ll make a meaningful difference in the lifestyles of millions around the world.

Our Ideal Candidate

More About Each Criteria:

Loves building and sustaining relationships.

For this role, you can’t just “know people” or “be good at meeting people”. You have to genuinely enjoy meeting, connecting with, and following up with people from all walks of life, in all different contexts.

In other words, to succeed here, this has to be more than just sales. Building, nurturing, and supporting relationships has to be in your DNA and you should be a natural at it.

Has experience identifying, nurturing, and supporting partnerships.

At the same time, you can’t just be an affable, friendly, natural connector.

While all that’s great, you’ll also need to have:

  1. extensive experience in sales, partnerships, and/or new business development
  2. a proven track record in identifying and securing high-value partnerships,
  3. a history of nurturing and onboarding new partners and turning them into long-term allies,
  4. experience in a diverse set of target markets* you may not already understand or have connections in,
  5. evidence that your partnership work has directly led to sales.

*Note: With this position your work will focus primarily on advertising/marketing partners who can help give us access to large groups of:

  1. fitness professionals (personal trainers, strength coaches),
  2. nutrition proffesioanls (nutritionists, dietitians),
  3. health coaches,
  4. integrative and functional medicine doctors,
  5. chiropractors and manual therapists,
  6. yoga teachers,
  7. group exercise instructors,
  8. sellers of MLM products around health and fitness,
  9. career changers.

Has a great network and is willing to expand it.

Although we’re going into new markets, we expect you’ll bring your network with you.

This means you already travel in circles with people in health and fitness and feel confident that you’re only one or two intros away from talking to literally anyone in any of the segments outlined above.

From Arnold Schwarzenegger to the CEO of the Institute for Functional Medicine… from the partnership director for Les Mills to the marketing manager for the American Chiropractic Association… you know how to get the meeting and turn it into a mutually beneficial long-term advertising/marketing partnership.

Is ready to get uncomfortable.

With that said, we’ve never met anyone who’s well-connected in every single one of the diverse professions identified above. Which means you’re going to have to push your boundaries, make inroads into new spaces where you have none, and – as they say – get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Enjoys travel and events.

To be successful in this role, at least in the first few years of the role, showing up at industry events, trade shows, and at prospective partners’ offices is likely a must. If you’re not present and visible in this way, you probably won’t have the kind of success here that you want.

Works great in person and remotely.

While you’ll have free reign to do this work exactly as you see fit, our company is global and our products and services sell into nearly 100 countries. (Although we do focus on English-speaking countries).

This means you’ll have to balance in person visits (at trade shows, at head offices, etc. around the world) with remote work (in your home office or co-working space) through each phase of each partnership, from courting new partners, to onboarding them, to supporting their needs over the course of the relationship.

If you love being on the road and meeting people but hate sitting at your desk and following-up you’ll likely struggle here. Likewise, if you love being home and following-up remotely but can’t summon up the energy to travel and “be on” when required, you’ll struggle in a different way.

Understands how to balance business needs and relationships.

Once you build the kind of relationships described above, you’ll also need to know what kind of partnership makes the most sense, based on the partner’s business, their reach, the channels they reach their readers/subscribers/customers through, and how they make money.

You’ll also need to explain the differences between affiliate agreements and revenue shares, paid access to distribution lists, product distribution partnerships, and more. And, not only that, you’ll have to be creative enough to help craft the perfect deal for both parties.

If you’re not intimately familiar with these terms, or how to make them work, this role isn’t for you.

Favors quality over quantity and, above all, orients towards results.

We’re not interested in collecting partners, so it doesn’t matter how many we have. What matters is that we have the right partners to drive very specific results, including large increases in:

  • highly qualified traffic to our website,
  • highly qualified leads captured through our marketing funnels, and
  • sales.

This means, in addition to getting new partners and making sure they’re happy, you’ll have to carefully track the effectiveness of campaigns and constantly look for opportunities to reach even more people, collaborating with our marketing team to adjust ads, rethink strategies, and drive constant improvement.

Pays attention to the details.

For now, it’ll also be in your purview to make sure partners have exactly what they need, when they need it, to execute an effective campaign. This means:

  • working with our marketing team to develop advertising and marketing materials,
  • maintaining an inventory of these materials for each partner,
  • making sure assets are delivered and distributed according to the plan.

In this area you’ll be accountable for getting everything you (and partners) need — from articles, to graphics, to email templates, to whatever else you can dream up — to drive more traffic, leads, and sales.

Shares our values.

At Precision Nutrition, we hold these values (among others) to be critical in all roles, especially this one.

Is “all in”.

One reason our culture is strong is because of everyone’s “all-in-ness”. While paychecks are good, our team members come here because we do a specific kind of work, in a specific way, for a specific audience. We believe in what we do. We’re “all in”. You’ll need to be too.

Values great communication (in themselves and in others).

Our whole company was built on open, honest communication vs. subterfuge and politicking. This is not only critical because we work virtually, but also because it enables us to do our best work, faster and in a more enjoyable way. Plus, it helps us get better as people and in our craft.

Asks questions, thinks critically, and is curious.

Part of being committed to communication is regularly asking questions like “What’s the root cause?” “What are the possible outcomes?” “What would happen if…?” “Am I right?” “How could I be wrong?” “What are the 2nd and 3rd order consequences?” “How can we do a better job at…?” You’ll need to be able to ask and answer these questions too.

Is resilient and has a growth mindset.

Part of open, honest communication is having the ability to deliver honest, direct feedback without being offensive or critical. The other part is having the ability to view honest, direct feedback as a gift you can use to get better. If you’re married to your ideas or are (even mildly) offended when they’re challenged, this probably won’t be a good fit for you.

More About Precision Nutrition

Precision Nutrition is a pretty incredible place and we’re committed to making sure our team members love their work, love our culture, and love how working with our team enhances other aspects of their lives.

As a part of this, we:

  • Offer benefits, 4 weeks paid time-off, and the ability to work remotely.
  • Collaborate in a way that respects your life outside of work.
  • Give you the flexibility to make your own schedule.
  • Use an organizational model that most knowledge workers prefer.
  • Set you up with whatever gear you need to perform at your best.

Not only that, but if you join us you can:

  • Work in the health and fitness industry.
    We love nutrition, we love exercise, and we love sport. That’s why we started this company. If you do too, you’ll appreciate how rare it is to find work you enjoy with people who share your interests. For active, fit people, Precision Nutrition is that opportunity.
  • Work with fun, bright, and talented people.
    We’re a small company, and we’re picky about who we work with, because to us, this isn’t just a job; it’s our lives.

For more about us and our exceptional team:

For more about our style of remote work:

And, to hear directly from our co-founder on what it’s like to work at PN:

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