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Precision Nutrition is the home of the world's top nutrition coaches.

Wanted: A Front-End Javascript Developer who will bring our apps to life.

PN is looking for a front-end developer who’s passionate about health, fitness and helping people live their best life.

Precision Nutrition is growing, and we need a driven, proficient JavaScript developer who knows how to take a design idea and turn it into a working product. As one of the largest nutrition coaching companies in the world, PN is bigger than it’s ever been—and it’s about to get bigger.

To help us scale, we need a seasoned developer who can help us expand our software, develop more rapidly, and expand our coaching services so we can help millions more people live healthier, happier lives.

Join our adventure

We’re embarking on a new adventure, and we need an experienced front-end developer to help us scale.

Who we’re looking for

A creative JavaScript developer with a passion for fluid, friendly user experience.

JavaScript is in your blood.

You’re a bright, talented front-end developer who knows JavaScript and its build tools, whether Webpack, Grunt, Gulp, Brunch, or Broccoli. You also have a handle on HTML and CSS, plus a basic understanding of back-end technologies like REST APIs. Bonus points if you’re familiar with Ember.js, though one of the other front-end frameworks works too.

You thirst for efficiency.

It’s not enough for you to write “pretty” clean code. You’re always optimizing your work, and you’re adept at seeking out ways to share code, components, and functionality across multiple applications. You know the latest and greatest best practices, and you care about keeping things well-maintained.

You’re self-motivated.

Once you’re given a design for an application, you can run with it and don’t need a lot of direction to start building. You have strong self-structure and discipline, and have worked remotely either currently or in the past so you know the benefits and the challenges. At the same time, you don’t silo yourself, and are always eager to learn more and share with the team.

You’re flexible.

You aren’t married to your ideas, and you understand that things change as new information is made available. You can switch gears at the drop of a hat and re-prioritize your work in a fluid environment, and you don’t sweat the small stuff—because your eyes are on the big picture.

You’re resilient.

Part of building a great product is being able to rework a design when it just doesn’t “feel” right. Not only do you have that uncanny ability to spot good UX design, but you’re ready and willing to tear your work down just to build it back up better. If you’re (even mildly) offended when you receive feedback, this probably won’t be a good fit for you.

You’re a stellar communicator.

You know how to convey the development process to the product manager, designer, and other people elsewhere in the organization in a way non-developers will understand. You also know how to listen to their needs, synthesize and break those ideas down into actionable tasks, and integrate it into your current workflow.

You work hard to make a difference.

This isn’t just another web app. You get to work on interesting projects and solve complex problems that transform people’s lives. You’re proud of the work you do and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it done.

You leave your ego at the door.

You have integrity, talent, are outgoing, have a palpable excitement about the future, and don’t show it off. You don’t have patience for shadiness, mediocrity, cynicism, and excessive "constructive criticism."

You care.

You’ll be maintaining a product that has thousands of daily users, so you take great care of our data and systems like they are your very own. We take the performance, reliability, security and privacy of our systems seriously, and we need you to as well.

What you’ll be doing

Turning our ideas into a compelling, functional product...

You’re the construction foreman, building a digital product our users can’t live without.

Your mission is simple: take our vision and break it down into actionable tasks that lead to a fantastic, user-focused app. That includes:

  • Bi-weekly sprints. The team will meet with the product manager and designers every two weeks to turn their ideas into tickets for the development team. The bulk of your day-to-day work will consist of working on your tickets (and helping other devs with their tickets when needed)—ideally, you’ll have as few meetings as possible!
  • Peer reviewing other code. We help each other out at PN, which means you’ll review code written by other devs in the organization—not just on your team, but across other teams—and help address bugs as needed.
  • Maintaining our existing applications. We pride ourselves on our solid, well-maintained codebase—that means running the latest version of important libraries and other dependencies. We aren’t constantly rebuilding from scratch just to use the latest toys, but we don’t want to feel stuck behind, either.
  • Learning new skills and mentoring others. We never want our team members to feel stagnant in their career, so you’ll have time to expand your development repertoire and take on the responsibilities that best fit your skills. If you have the experience, you’ll even get a chance to mentor other developers as well, so they have the same opportunity.

A few important caveats

This is a dream job, if you’re the right person for it.


Must-Have #1: You must be experienced.

You have 5+ years of JavaScript experience, and you’ve been part of a team that built and maintained single-page applications in production using one of the four major frameworks - React, Vue, Ember, Angular. You’ve worked on an Agile team using Kanban or Scrum.


Must-Have #2: You’re knowledgeable.

Not only are you a front-end pro, but you’re familiar with back-end communication, too—you don’t need to be a back-end dev, but you’ll need to interface with it using APIs, and have experience doing so. Similarly, while you aren’t a designer, you have an eye for good UX, and maybe even have some background experience in that area.


Must-Have #3: You work well on a team.

You’ll need to be self-motivated, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be working entirely on your own. You like being part of a collaborative team that can debate different approaches respectfully without getting defensive. When a team member needs a hand, you make time for them, knowing they’ll do the same for you. And you’re an excellent communicator who isn’t afraid to speak up and knows when to listen.

Wondering if this is the right path for you?

Every year, professionals at the top of their field choose to join us. Here are 5 reasons why.


We give you the freedom to “do you.”

Unlike most companies, we don’t have rigid rules about how and when to do things. You’ll always be free to work independently, whenever, wherever, and however you want -- without the bureaucracy and office politics.


You can work from anywhere.

We’re a 100% remote company, and have been working remote for 17 years. We’re ideally looking for candidates in Canada, but will consider the US as well. When you join our team, you’re no longer shackled to one desk in one office!


Meetings are optional. (No, really.)

You’re an adult. You’re capable of deciding how your time should be spent. If you don’t think you need to attend a meeting, you don’t. Simple as that.


You’ll always feel supported.

In a regular office, it’s easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel, powerless to change things. At Precision Nutrition, we work as a team to overcome issues & barriers that stand in each other’s way, and we treat each other with enthusiasm, compassion, and care.


You’ll never be bored.

People often come to Precision Nutrition after hitting a plateau in their old jobs. At PN, you’ll get the chance to chart new territories in your space, conquer new challenges, learn from the best, and reach thrilling new heights of personal and professional growth.

Plus: no commute ... and no 9-to-5 grind.

Co-founder Phil Caravaggio describes the amazing perks of working in a fully remote company.

Sound like we might just be the perfect company for you?

Then you might just
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