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The Precision Nutrition Approach

Diets, meal plans, and macros won’t make you a successful health coach. But here’s what will.

The pivotal question as you sit down to create a new client’s program: “Will they actually stick with this consistently?”

It’s pivotal because you know helping them hit their goals ultimately hinges on the answer to that question. And the only way they’re going to lose that 40lbs, gain that confidence, or enjoy everything a healthy lifestyle offers—is if they actually do what you’re telling them to consistently.

But maybe, like many of the coaches we hear from every day, you’re tired of watching your clients struggle through the same cycle over and over again…

Food scale

It’s not that your clients aren’t having any success. Those who are especially eager to change seem to do well… for a while.

They lose a little weight, gain a little muscle, and get a little more energy… but it’s often just a matter of time until all those benefits come to a screeching halt. Or worse—completely disappear as the months go on and life gets in the way.

You can’t shake this feeling that there has to be a better process than this spiral… and you start to wonder:

  • Why is my message not getting through?
  • How can I get people to follow my advice when they have so many different obstacles in their lives?
  • What’s my coaching process missing?
Studious woman frustrated by results on the scale

That’s where the Precision Nutrition Approach comes in—and these are the exact problems ProCoach was created to solve.

The Precision Nutrition Approach + Innovative Software = Coaching Gold.

ProCoach is a digital health and fitness coaching platform you can use to connect with clients through instant messaging, create custom health and nutrition programs, schedule (and run) online check-ins, and manage key client data with jedi-master-like efficiency—but it’s also so much more.

What really makes ProCoach different (and so incredibly powerful) is that it’s built on the Precision Nutrition (PN) Approach—a method that whole-heartedly rejects the overly restrictive, “all or nothing” attitude that’s so pervasive in the health and fitness industry.

Instead, we focus on helping build the skills they need to make consistent progress and achieve lasting change.

Before we dive more into the incredible features ProCoach offers, we need to teach you a little bit about the Four Pillars of the PN Approach.

Pillar 1

Let the client lead

There’s a strong belief in the industry that “coaching” equals giving someone a plan and telling them to find a way to stick with it.

We used to think this is what coaching was all about, too. But after working with tens of thousands of clients, we discovered that approach simply doesn’t work—not for the real, lasting results people truly want and deserve.

Now we do things differently. Much differently.

Our client-centered coaching process is led by a collaborative relationship that helps our client’s identify what they want to achieve, and why they (truly) want to achieve it. Then, we work to develop a plan to reach their deep health goals that’s driven by their values, life circumstances and context, and ultimately, what they feel ready, willing, and able to do.

This not only ensures each person is appropriately challenged, but also that they build success on success and consistently progress toward their goals—without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Relaxed coach sips coffee while student works on laptop

Pillar 2

Progressive behavior change = sustainable results.

Giving people meal plans or telling them to “avoid bad foods” and “just eat less and move more!” may seem helpful… but it rarely addresses the real challenges that are holding them back from their goals.

Fact is, change is hard—and that’s OK. Instead of trying to smooth this over and make it all sound easy, we work with people’s natural resistance to change.

Using our revolutionary “Goal–>Skill–>Practice–>Action” model, we help people understand their why, and develop the nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and specific change adaptation skills (such as mindset and outlook) they need for success.

Not only does this approach allow each person to find deep meaning in what they want to achieve, it also breaks their BIG goals down into small, progressive steps that they feel totally confident sticking to.

Over time, all these progressive, strategic changes and our famous “progress over perfection” battlecry add up to sustainable skills which lead to life-changing health and body transformation—that lasts.

Pleased man standing under a canopy of achievement stars

Pillar 3

Truly Evidence-Based Practice.

We love science. But we also recognize that “what the research says” can often distract us from “what works in the real world, with real people” if we don’t take other relevant information into account.

True evidence-based practice (EBP) only occurs through the integration of expertise, research, experience, and everyday life evidence. Here’s how this plays out for us:

  • Expertise: Our team is made up of the top nutritionists, PhDs, dietitians, and specialists in the industry. These folks live and breathe this stuff every day—and have decades of collective experience coaching thousands of clients.
  • Research: We’re constantly gleaning insights from reputable, peer-reviewed scientific papers to ensure everything we write, create, or coach has been grounded in science.
  • Experience: We’ve helped over 100,000 people transform their health and lives through our personal coaching program. We meticulously collect and analyze data from this group, using what we’ve learned to form proven solutions for helping people transform their body and health.
  • Everyday, reality-based life evidence: We use outcome-based decision making to make decisions based on what is happening with our clients, not what should be happening. This means we encourage people to experiment and develop an understanding of what works for them, deciding what to do next based on what they’ve learned.
Figurative image of knowledge in the form of books being funnelled into a human brain

Pillar 4

Transform lives, not just bodies.

Here at Precision Nutrition, we recognize that the physical dimension of health—how someone looks or how much weight they can lift—is only one small part of a truly healthy, meaningful, and satisfying life.

And by taking a more holistic approach, we can also help people change their mindset about who they are and what they can do. We can empower them to build the skills they need to make new choices and try new things—to fully experience the world around them.

We don’t want people to have big muscles but small lives, or to be folks who “look good” but feel awful inside. We want to help people feel and function well in all aspects of their lives.

People who can truly say “I’ve built the skills needed to benefit from everything a healthy lifestyle has to offer.”

That’s what deep health is all about.

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Discover the power of a world-class health and fitness coaching platform, built on a proven method—that works.

We took everything that makes the PN Approach so effective and built it into ProCoach with guided tools that walk you through our proven coaching process, step-by-step.

Then we sweetened the deal by adding in all of the client intake, goal setting, progress tracking, client communication tools you need to coach with more efficiency than ever before. No sweat.

The result: the world’s only all-in-one health and fitness coaching platform that lets you implement PN’s revolutionary behavior-change method with your clients.

Now you can help your clients hit their goals consistently and feel confident guiding them through every step of their transformation, knowing you’re backed by a proven coaching process that works.

And your clients can feel the peace that comes with knowing their coach has a plan that will finally lead to all that sustainable, healthy living gold they’re really after.

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