PN Training Programs

Of course, getting in fantastic shape is about more than just eating well.  You need a great training program too.

So we recruited some of the best coaches in the business to help us generate over a dozen training programs guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life.

These programs have been designed by the likes of Alwyn Cosgrove, Carter Schoffer, Chad Waterbury, Craig Ballantyne, Dave Tate,  David Whitley, Eric Cressey, Krista Schaus, Krista Scott-Dixon, Mike Demeter, and more.  Plus, they're designed to cover everyone from men to women, from beginners to advanced, to gym members to home exercisers.

Training Programs for PN Members

Body Transformation Training — Carter Schoffer

Carter Schoffer is a strength and conditioning coach, that designs and manages the training and nutritional programs of clients from around the globe, from recreational exercisers of all levels to elite athletes competing in collegiate, Olympic and professional sport.

Download the Body Transformation Training program

Novice Women's Training — Krista Scott-Dixon

With nearly 20 years of experience in adult education and curriculum design, Krista (or “KSD”) is the intellectual powerhouse behind PN's coaching program development. Once the ‘kid picked last for every team,' Krista sees health and fitness as pathways to a bigger goal: changing people's lives. Krista is the author of several books and dozens of academic publications, and inspires the loyal readers of her groundbreaking women's weight training website,

The program contains two parts: one PDF explaining the whole thing, and one Excel spreadsheet containing editable versions of the workout template that you can use to change things up and record your progress.

Download the Novice Women's Program and workout templates.

Off-Season Training For Athletes — Eric Cressey

A highly sought-after coach for healthy and injured athletes alike, Eric has helped athletes at all levels — from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks — achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of sports. Eric is perhaps best known for his extensive work with baseball players, with more than 100 professional players traveling to train with him each off-season.

Download the Off-Season Training For Athletes program.

Turbulence Training — Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne is a Toronto-based coach whose list of accolades include advisory board member for Men's Fitness and Maximum Fitness mags, consultant to the National Rugby team, and graduate of the McMaster Exercise Physiology masters program, one of the top in Canada. Further, Craig's advice is sought after by men and women world-wide.

Download the Turbulence Training program.

Hot Zone Fat Loss Training — Craig Ballantyne

Here's another great workout from Craig Ballantyne, this time a 4 week program designed to hit your fat burning "hot zones." By using a combination of dumbbell exercises and bodyweight exercises in classic Turbulence Training superset fashion, TT Hot Zone will have you pulling, pressing, and lunging your way to a better, tighter body before you know it. If you're looking for another workout to add to your fat burning arsenal, give this one a shot.

Download the Hot Zone Fat Loss Training program.

No Equipment, No Problem — Alwyn Cosgrove

Alwyn is one of the most in-demand and exciting coaches, writers and speakers in the fitness industry today. His innovative ideas have been featured in magazines such as FHM, Men's Health, T-mag and more. And these ideas are constantly being tested at his fitness facility — Results Fitness — in Santa Clarita, California.

This program shows you exactly how to put together a 12 week program with nothing more than a single, rusty dumbbell at your disposal.

Download the No Equipment, No Problem program.

Infamous TRX Workout — Alwyn Cosgrove & Fraser Quelch

Recently, with the help of Alwyn Cosgrove and Fraser Quelch, we put the TRX Suspension Training System to the test. And, out of that Informal Experiment, the Infamous TRX Workout was born. Check it out:

Body Transformation For Folks Over 40 — Mike Demeter

"Coach Mike" is a personal training all-star having worked as a trainer for 20 + years, having been nominated repeatedly for GoodLife (Canada's top fitness chain) Trainer of the Year, and having won the Good Life top prize more than once.

Download the Body Transformation For Folks Over 40 program.

Strength Conditioning For Fighters — Chad Waterbury

Chad's a top notch strength coach, a well published author, and a hard-training athlete himself. Further, Chad has earned high praise from many in the performance industry, and has worked closely with many high-level athletes. Check out this great program specifically designed for combat athletes.

Download the Strength Conditioning For Fighters program.

Next Level Training For Women — Krista Schaus

A former Ontario Provincial Police officer, before joining Precision Nutrition, Krista also ran her own business and served as a strength coach and operations manager at the renowned Poliquin Performance Centre. As a powerlifter, Krista was a National Champion, two-time record-holder, and a two-time Commonwealth Champion. In bodybuilding she also won numerous prizes. Now retired from competition, she remains much in demand as a speaker and consultant.

The program contains two parts: one PDF explaining the whole thing, and one Excel spreadsheet containing editable versions of the workout template that you can use to change things up and record your progress.

Download the Next Level Training For Women program and workout tracking sheet.

Maximal Strength Training — Dave Tate

Dave Tate 'Under The Bar' is the founder and CEO of Inc.. Dave has been involved with powerlifting for over three decades, coach, consultant and business owner. He has logged more than 10,000 hours of strength consulting with professional, elite and novice athletes, as well as with professional strength coaches and written more than 500 articles for magazines and prominent websites. Dave works as a business adviser, motivational speaker, coach, and author, he shows how athletic disciplines teach valuable lessons for overall achievement.

Download the Maximal Strength Training program.

Women's Body Transformation Training — John Berardi

There's a lot of information bouncing around the Internet suggesting how women should train to get that figure look. A lot of it is really great. However, very few authors have put an entire program together. One that tells you how to train, how to eat, and how to supplement. So, to help you cut through all the nonsense, here it is. A figure program designed for results.

Check out the Women's Body Transformation Training program.

The Playground Workout — John Berardi

One day, Dr. Berardi went to workout only to find his gym was closed. But he really wanted to exercise. So he improvised and created The Playground Workout. Find yourself with no gym? Use JB's workout for motivation and come up with something creative of your own.

Check out the Playground Workout.

Kettlebell Training For Fat Loss — David Whitley

David Whitley, RKC Team Leader, is a Kettlebell instructor and fitness professional based in Nashville TN. He has traveled across the United States and to Europe teaching his own workshops as well at the Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor Certification with Pavel Tstasouline. In addition to the US Army, Vanderbilt University Football and Baseball, and various local martial artists and law enforcement, his list of clients includes regular people who are sick of getting zero results in the gym. He specializes in fat-loss and conditioning.

Download the Kettlebell Training for Fat Loss program.

Athletic Training for Fat Loss — Geoff Girvitz

Geoff Girvitz, a PN Level 2 Certified professional, is the owner and director of Bang Fitness, located in Toronto, Ontario. His facility and programs focus on athletic development for everyone from professional athletes (with particular expertise in MMA) to regular folks who want the same things — speed, strength, power, mobility and improved body composition — that athletes do.

Download the Athletic Training for Fat Loss program.

Body Transformation Now — Scot Prohaska

Scot Prohaska is the owner of EKAWA fitness in Huntington Beach, California. Because of his motivational demeanor and his track record of success, professional athletes from all major sports regularly make the pilgrimage to EKAWA. His current roster includes perennial All-Stars from the NHL, NFL, MLB, CFL, USA Track & Field, Canada Track & Field, USA Bobsled & Skeleton and Division I sports programs.

Download the Body Transformation Now program.

Exercise Minimalism — Jon Hinds

Jon Hinds of Monkey Bar Gym developed this 15/15 workout after a fundraiser for 9/11 victims. He wanted to do something intense, so he attempted to complete 1,000 pushups in less than one hour. He soon realized that by breaking pushups into 15 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest, he could keep a consistent pace. He ended up completing 1,000 pushups in 40 minutes and has since accomplished 500 pushups in 12 minutes (and 40 Handstand pushups & 100 kips in 10 minutes)!

With this workout, you can incorporate barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight drills and beyond. So whether you are short on time or just want a new way to mix up your workouts — check out this program.

Download the Exercise Minimalism program.

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