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Tips for sexy girls from pretty boys

By Krista Schaus


Every time I see Brad Pitt in a movie or a magazine, I say, “Damn he’s pretty! I’m sure he could teach me a thing or two about looking that good.”

Women may assume that men don’t have anything to teach them about looking good (and conversely, many men assume that women can’t teach them anything about getting strong and muscular).

But whether you’re male or female, if physique perfection is your goal, then we all have things to learn from each other.

Let’s see what some of my favorite pretty boys have to offer us sexy girls.

Hoi Leung, Canadian powerlifter


Hoi’s pretty boy characteristics go beyond his winning smile and honest eyes. He’s also a great person and coach.

Hoi’s coaching style emphasises the finer aspects of training, beyond form or sets and rep schemes. Hoi taught me about lifting and life as I prepared for the 2007 Commonwealth Championships with the Niagara Powerlifting Club.

Below, he shares some of those lessons:

It is hard work

Don’t let anyone fool you with an “easy” exercise program, a new fancy diet or the latest miracle supplement. There are no short cuts.

If you think it will be easy, stop reading now.

But chances are that if you have made it this far, then you are in it for the whole deal.

Hard work is not a bad thing. In fact, you will find that those that work the hardest are usually the ones that succeed.

Beyond hard work, here are some other crucial elements you can apply to your training and help you get ugly in the gym and look pretty out of it.


Make a commitment. I am constantly telling the guys in the gym to pick a contest and send in the entry because it is one way to commit to a goal.

However you chose to commit, the goal becomes tangible and real.

And ideally, you should have a target date for when you want to achieve this goal. When there is an actual date that you are working towards, it is easier to plan training and diet. In fact, it is extremely real when you make financial arrangements like hotel and flights.

Any goal worth working for will bring with it anxiety and opportunities to give up on the goal. Making a commitment helps you see things through to the end, no matter what.


Look around when you are training sometime. Who is reading while riding the bike? Who is watching television while running? God forbid, who is talking while doing a heavy set of bench presses?

These are the people who are unfocused and will ultimately fail in whatever goals they set for themselves.

Take a moment before training to breathe and focus.

We all have very hectic lives with demands from family and work. Most times, when we get to a training session we are thinking about things that we have to do after we get this “out of the way”.

Take a quiet moment to think about what you want to accomplish in that particular session and then hit it.

I find that women tend to be more focused, but not always able to express that focus. Let out the inner animal.

Go to the pros

If you are you are new to your particular sport or lack expertise in an certain areas of your training or nutrition, go to a pro.

There are tons of professional trainers out there with a myriad of letters after their names. There is much confusion when it comes to selecting one. This is where reputation and word of mouth is great.

And don’t just take anyone’s word for it. Interview potential trainers and get an idea if there is chemistry between you.

Some trainers are very loud and verbose; some are very direct and abrupt. Some will challenge you; some will break you down and build you up.

Whatever they do, make sure that you are learning and have the ability to ask questions. The ultimate goal is to educate yourself on what you like and what works for you.

Don’t depend on these people for motivation. They are a huge resource that allows you to learn to motivate yourself.

A word of caution: keep it simple. Men love complex training programs (much like the love for electronic gadgets). In the long run, complexity can never be maintained. Keep things simple. Your life is complex enough.

Find an intense role model

Find an intense role model and emulate that degree of intensity.

There are not enough role models for women.

Yes, there are hundreds of magazines with thousands of fit women athletes, but what I am talking about is somebody that you can see and hear. You may only see the end product and never see the countless hours towards that product.

We have had a few young female lifters at our club that pretend to train sometimes, giggling about “it’s too heavy” and “I can’t”. A very serious (and attractive) woman lifter came to train one day. I watched the faces of the girls as this woman benched better than most men in the gym.

They began to understand the seriousness of what this woman was doing. They understood what training intensely meant that day. I haven’t heard giggling since.

Sean Everingham, Natural bodybuilder & founder of Ultimate Fitness Events


Sean made the Pretty Boy list because naturally he looks amazing, but he also has a passion for promoting drug free fitness events. His UFE events are quickly rising to the top in Ontario; they offer spectacular prize packages and bring the best of the best in the industry together — all in the athletes’ best interest.

He emphases the basics in his tips:

Incorporate one modification at a time

If you are just starting out in fitness, it is tempting to get overexcited and do everything at once (ie: quit smoking, start a proper meal plan and exercise). However, choose one thing at a time and when you can fully incorporate it into your lifestyle, aim for the next lifestyle modification.

Trust your goals to a professional

It is a good idea to hire a knowledgeable personal trainer in order to help you reach your fitness goals.

If fitness isn’t your business, trust your goals to a personal trainer who can design a proven program that’s tailored to your goals and lifestyle, rather than sorting through the mountain of different ideas and advice floating around on the internet, in books, and/or from others in the gym.

Nutrition is key

You can train all you want, and you will reap the rewards of a healthier heart, stronger bones and muscles and more.

However, how you look is largely determined by following a structured, healthy eating plan that ensures you are taking in fewer calories than you expend during the day while still fulfilling your nutritional requirements.

Train your whole body!

Many women want to have a tighter tummy, tighter glutes and smaller hips so they spend endless sets and reps doing crunches, inner/outer thigh machines and the “Butt Blaster.”

While these exercises will strengthen the muscles you are targeting, they are among the least effective for causing the metabolism to shift into fat burning mode. You are better doing compound, whole body movements that will burn the most calories and stoke the metabolic furnace.

Sample total body workout

A1 20 burpees; minimal rest


A2 20 (total) DB or KB renegade row; minimal rest


A3 20 jump squats; minimal rest


A4 20 (or to failure) cobra pushups


Rest 2-3 min

Series 1 – 4 sets

Series 2 – 3 sets

Series 3 – 2 sets

Plan your fitness program

It is imperative that you go into the gym each and every day with a plan of what you are going to do, right down to the exercises, sets and reps.

Without this plan, most people just do whatever they feel like, which is not the best way to attain results and ends up in aimless workouts. The same holds true for a nutritional program.

Anthony Nichita, Stylist Salon Profilo & Spa


Guys like Anthony give us two reasons to love getting our hair done!

He is a pretty boy and he’s great at what he does. We enjoy looking at him and enjoy him making us look great.

What I love about Anthony is he also practices what he preaches. He takes care of himself inside and out; and he shares these tips so you can too:

Use quality hair products appropriate to your hair’s condition

Proper daily at home maintenance is vital to healthy and beautiful hair.

Use quality shampoo and conditioner for whatever condition the hair may be in (dry, brittle, oily).

Natural products provide the healthiest solution for body, scalp and hair. Two wonderful products that offer everything the hair needs to maintain a beautiful appearance are Davines and Eufora. Davines is wonderful for coloured and virgin hair; it uses natural herbs that have different properties for the hair. Eufora uses 75% aloe vera gel and no alcohols. Both are amazing!

The mental and physical should align

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle can also make a big difference in your hair. The increase in blood flow to the scalp can promote healthy hair growth and improve shine and lustre.

You will only feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside.

Keeping a healthy and active lifestyle is crucial for feeling good about yourself and for keeping your mental appearance and physical appearance on the same level.

Try Muay Thai

Looking good goes beyond the exterior such as healthy hair and skin, but includes finding activities that continually challenge the mind and body.

I do this by training in Muay Thai, also referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”, as the hands, shins, elbows and knees are all used extensively in this form of martial arts.

The personal satisfaction of being able to keep in shape while living a busy lifestyle shows through in my improved self confidence — both in my work and in my personal life.

Sexy girl Muay Thai workout

1) Shadow box with only punches for 1 minute at low intensity and then 3 more minutes and high intensity for a total of 4 minutes.

Do 2 rounds of this with a 1 minute break.

Shadow boxing is when you are punching and kicking the air. You should get pretty winded doing this, since it is high intensity.

Here are a few good suggestions for combinations to be using:

  • Left straight punch, right straight punch
  • Left hook, right hook, left hook
  • Left hook, right hook, left hook, right straight
  • Left hook, right hook, left hook, right uppercut
  • Jab, right straight, left straight, right uppercut

2) Hit focus mitts with punches for 3 minutes.

Do 2 rounds of this with a 1 minute break.

It is best to have a partner for this. An alternative to this if you don’t have a partner or focus mitts is to hit the air again. However, this time try to imagine different spots that you are targeting in the air.

3) Do Thai pad strikes (kicks, knees, and shins) for 3 minutes.

Do 2 rounds of this with a 1 minute break in between rounds.

If you do not have a partner or Thai pads, feel free to kick the air with this.

4) Bring it all together with heavy bag strikes for 3 minutes.

Do 2 rounds of this with a 1 minute break.

If is recommended that you have a heavy bag for this, but if you have to, you can punch/kick the air again.

5) Jump rope for 3 minutes at moderate intensity to help cool down.

Sexy girl & Muay Thai fighter Lauren Sugihara
Sexy girl & Muay Thai fighter Lauren Sugihara

Stay tuned, grrls… next week we’ll bring you the wit and wisdom of three more Pretty Boys!

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