Help choose our S2B winners

By John Berardi, Ph.D.


Editor’s note: For the latest info on the Scrawny To Brawny Coaching Program, visit; this page refers to a previous version.

Every 6 months, we accept a small number of new clients, and we put up serious prize money for the best transformations in the group. Read on, and if you’re interested, we strongly recommend you put your name on the presale list, because spots in the program are first-come, first-serve and typically sell out within hours.

A great feature of our Scrawny to Brawny Coaching Program is the muscle-building contest we run for clients.  With each new program we offer $10,000 in prize money for the best body transformation in the group.

Well, we just finished one of those contests – click here to see how you can get involved in the next one – and now we need your help choosing the winners.

Now, there’s $10,000 on the line for the top transformation.   However, here’s a little surprise.  Because so many of our S2B clients did so well, we’ve decided to give 5 additional runner-up prizes of $1,000 each.  We’re just not sure who to give the prizes too.

Over the last week or so, the coaches and I have spent countless hours poring over physique photos, weight gain numbers, body composition data, and participation records in order to choose a handful of finalists.

We’ve had a helluva time narrowing it down.  So many guys changed their bodies, and their lives, in awesome ways.  And I can’t be more sincere when I say that the changes I saw in these guys  (both the physical and the mental/emotional) made me very proud.

So at this point, I’m reaching out to all our PN readers.  I need your help in determining the one guy worthy of the $10,000 grand prize.

Our $10,000 finalists

These guys came in all shapes and sizes, from all parts of the globe, and from all walks of life. Check out what they were able to accomplish in just 6 months of eating and exercising like scrawny guys should to build muscle.

During the program, over 1600 lbs of muscle were gained.  And the 11 finalists below gained nearly 300 total pounds during the program; an average of 27 lbs each in just 6 months.

Remember: these aren’t professional bodybuilders.  These are real guys adding the right training and nutrition strategies into their lives one step at a time, building on each day’s successes, and learning how to maintain what they’ve accomplished for life.


Finalist #1

Forum name – “Amazing”
Starting weight – 169
Max weight – 189
Weight gained – 20 lbs


Finalist #2

Forum name – “Angry Wounds”
Starting weight – 187
Max weight – 210
Weight gained – 23 lbs


Finalist #3

Forum name – “MPudzianowski”
Starting weight – 160
Max weight – 196
Weight gained – 36 lbs


Finalist #4

Forum name – “TheBrandons”
Starting weight – 142
Max weight – 167
Weight gained – 25 lbs


Finalist #5

Forum name – “Airwave”
Starting weight – 168
Max weight – 193
Weight gained – 25 lbs


Finalist #6

Forum name – “Mark Christopher”
Starting weight – 160
Max weight – 190
Weight gained – 30 lbs


Finalist #7

Forum name – “Bkaneb”
Starting weight – 170
Max weight – 192
Weight gained – 22 lbs


Finalist #8

Forum name – “Tbedolla”
Starting weight – 146
Max weight – 168
Weight gained – 22 lbs


Finalist #9

Forum name – “Dev Chengkalath”
Starting weight – 120
Max weight – 144
Weight gained – 24 lbs


Finalist #10

Forum name – “deadaim”
Starting weight – 142
Max weight – 180
Weight gained – 38 lbs


Finalist #11

Forum name – “krh”
Starting weight – 174
Max weight – 202
Weight gained – 28 lbs


How to vote

When casting your vote, it’s important to remember that we’re not rewarding the best bodies per se. We’re rewarding the best transformations. Indeed, in the Scrawny to Brawny program we don’t expect folks to start off looking like bodybuilders. Heck, we don’t even expect folks to end up looking like bodybuilders.

Rather, we’re simply looking for winners who’ve made the most dramatic changes in their own bodies, starting wherever they were at the beginning of the program. (And, as you’ll see, folks started all over the place.) Truly, the Scrawny to Brawny Coaching Program is for men of all shapes and sizes. And your vote should reflect who you think created the most dramatic changes over the course of the last 6 months.

To cast your vote for the top transformation, click here. You’ll be taken to a specific discussion thread in the Precision Nutrition Member Zone where you can vote for who you think deserves the $10,000 prize.


Want to transform your body and maybe even win $10,000? The next S2B Coaching Program begins soon.

If you’re interested in building muscle and making a scrawny to brawny transformation like the guys above, here’s some good news:

Every 6 months, we open registration for the Scrawny to Brawny Coaching Program and take a small group of guys through a complete 12-month body transformation — training, nutrition, supplementation, recovery . . . everything.

The problem is going to be how to decide who gets in, because every time we run the Scrawny to Brawny program, we have thousands of guys express interest and not nearly enough spots for everyone.

Our solution has always been to reward those who are the most eager and motivated — the guys who want it the most — because in my experience they make the best clients. So here’s how it’s going to work:

If you’re interested in being a part of the next S2B coaching program, click for more about the Scrawny To Brawny Program and to get on the presale list. We’ll send you some more info about the program, and we’ll give you a chance to register for one of the spots 24 hours before the general public.