Wanted: A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer who will spread our message far and wide.

Precision Nutrition is looking for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer and tech lead who’s passionate about health, fitness and helping people live their best life.

PN is growing, and we need a unicorn: an experienced SFMC developer who can take ownership of our email marketing tech, from code development, to tech integrations, to data structuring, to QA, to SFMC journeys and beyond. As one of the largest nutrition coaching companies in the world, PN is bigger than it’s ever been — and it’s about to get bigger.

To help us scale, we need an experienced developer who knows how to bend Salesforce Marketing Cloud to their will, communicate amongst cross-functional teams, and learn new tech on-the-fly, so we can help millions more people live healthier, happier lives.

Join our adventure

We’re embarking on a new adventure, and we need an ambitious, multi-talented developer to perfect our Salesforce ecosystem

Who we’re looking for

An adaptable Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer ready to take charge

You’re a code fiend.

You can dig your way through an SQL database with your eyes closed. You’re adept at AMPscript, server-side javascript, HTML and CSS. And you’re ready and raring to learn new tools as we grow, whether that be PHP, WordPress, or Elixir/Phoenix.

You’re hyper-organized.

You don’t just leave everything rattling around in your head. You’re committed to writing down how things work between our apps, creating flowcharts and documentation so that others can step in when you aren’t around.

You work well with others.

You aren’t just here to take orders—you’re an expert in your field who knows how to take charge without shutting others out of the process. You’re adept at working in cross-functioning teams, and are ready to collaborate with not only the CTO, but also marketing, product, data, content, and other teams within the company.

You like variety.

Not only will you be handling all kinds of systems, apps, and technologies — like the languages mentioned above—but you’ll need to help with execution, QA, and other aspects of our email and SMS marketing operations. You relish new challenges and get excited by the prospect of wearing multiple hats.

You’re flexible.

Email marketing has a lot of dynamic, moving parts—sometimes requiring changes at the last minute. You have the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize your work in a fast-paced environment, and you can switch gears at the drop of a hat when something requires your attention.

You’re a stickler for the details.

You are careful, cautious and incredibly meticulous. Some may even call you nitpicky (in an endearing way, of course). You can spot the smallest mistake before it throws your carefully-built processes off course. Nothing slips by the net when you're the goalie.

You’re an exceptional communicator.

You know how to get your message across clearly and concisely. You know how to say it, write it and present it in both layman’s terms and a bit more formally if needed. You know how to be heard and energize people around you no matter who you are interacting with, and you’re quick to respond when someone needs your help.

You can spot opportunity from a mile away.

You don’t wait until you’re told to do something. Your eagle eye is always looking for the next gap to fill, proactively looking for solutions to anything and everything that crosses your path.

You leave your ego at the door.

You have integrity, talent, are outgoing, have a palpable excitement about the future, and don’t show it off. You don’t have the patience for shadiness, mediocrity, cynicism, and excessive "constructive criticism." You’re willing to take honest ownership when mistakes happen (because they do happen!) rather than diverting blame.

You care.

You’ll be maintaining a product that has thousands of daily users, so you take great care of our data and systems like they are your very own. We take the performance, reliability, security and privacy of our systems seriously, and we need you to as well.

What you’ll be doing

Ensuring our campaigns go off without a hitch

Your mission is simple: make sure the team has.... That means:

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud ecosystem will become your baby, and you’ll own the system from top to bottom. That means you’ll be:

  • Expanding our reach. You’ll spearhead technical advances and optimizations in SFMC, help figure out key integrations and ways to develop technical solutions to meet business goals and needs. You’ll help manage our SMS campaigns in MobileConnect and explore new ways of reaching our audience with the marketing team by utilizing the greatest, newest features within the platform. You’ll estimate the workload of different initiatives they put forth, work with our data team for data reporting and data import/export needs, help with the complex code within our marketing emails (personalization, dynamic content, etc.), and maintain our automations and processes to ensure our marketing operations continue running smoothly.
  • Providing support. You won’t just be developing. You’ll also need to help with email, SMS, and campaign execution, formulate and conduct technical QA processes, provide technical insight to the product team, and even address client care needs.

Preparing our SFMC ecosystem to serve our business needs

Your job doesn’t stop at the development stage. You’ll also be tasked with:

  • Adopting our current implementation. You’ll take what previous developers have built and start decoding it, writing documentation and building processes to help you improve our marketing campaigns.
  • Be the integrations expert. You’ll be the go-to guy or gal when we need to integrate SFMC with our many systems and tools. Data is also critical for our business, so you will also be tasked with solutioning for ways we can source, derive, output, and sync data we have and need.
  • Maintaining the system. We rely on SFMC heavily for many things, so you will be tasked with ensuring SFMC is stable, bug-free, and secure, with processes running in the most efficient and effective manners.

A few important caveats

This is a dream job, if you’re the right person for it.


Must-Have #1: You must be experienced.

This can’t be your first development rodeo. We’re looking for someone with at least 3-5 years of experience, with a particular expertise in the tools we’re using. In other words, you know Salesforce Marketing Cloud like the back of your hand, and you’re ready to hit the ground running on day one. (We prefer Marketing Cloud expertise, but will consider the right candidate with general Salesforce expertise as long as they have some experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.)


Must-Have #2: You have “owned” a project before.

You won’t have the support of a huge team helping you develop; so we want to know you’ve taken ownership of something this big before. You’re able to inherit what someone else has built, adopt it as your own, and build it up bigger and better than ever.


Must-Have #3: You must be able to work independently.

Once you are confident in what you need to do, you can run with it and don't need a lot of direction. You can be trusted with a lot of details and figure things out for yourself, with a keen attention to the small stuff. That said, you are not on an island, and can work with others when necessary—and you'll get plenty of help and support from the team when you need it.

Wondering if this is the right path for you?

Every year, professionals at the top of their field choose to join Precision Nutrition. Here are some reasons why.


We give you the freedom to “do you.”

Unlike most companies, we don’t have rigid rules about how and when to do things. You’ll always be free to work independently, whenever, wherever, and however you want.


You can work from anywhere.

We’re a 100% remote company, and have been working remote for 17 years. When you join our team, you’re no longer shackled to one desk, one office, one city, or even one country!


Meetings are optional. (No, really.)

You’re an adult. You’re capable of deciding how your time should be spent. If you don’t think you need to attend a meeting, you don’t. Simple as that.


You’ll always feel supported.

In a regular office, it’s easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel, powerless to change things. At Precision Nutrition, we work as a team to overcome issues & barriers that stand in each other’s way, and we treat each other with enthusiasm, compassion, and care.


You’ll never be bored.

People often come to Precision Nutrition after hitting a plateau in their old jobs. At PN, you’ll get the chance to conquer new challenges, learn from the best, and reach thrilling new heights of personal and professional growth.


You’re free to be you.

At Precision Nutrition, we want everyone to live healthier, happier lives—no matter your race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. That's why diversity is a key ingredient of our workforce, so we can best represent the people we serve. Everyone is welcome—as an inclusive workplace, we want our employees to bring their authentic whole selves to work. Be you.

Plus: no commute ... and no 9-to-5 grind.

Co-founder Phil Caravaggio describes the amazing perks of working in a fully remote company.

Sound like we might just be the perfect company for you?

Then you might just
be the perfect fit for us.

Precision Nutrition is committed to fair and accessible employment practices for all applicants. If you require an accommodation due to a disability during our recruitment and selection process, please contact [email protected].

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