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Wanted: An organized Strategic Insights and Product Analytics Leader who will help us deeply understand our customers

PN is looking for an experienced insights and analytics researcher who’s passionate about health, fitness and helping people live their best life.

Precision Nutrition is growing, and we need a qualitative and quantitative researcher who will advocate for our customers. As one of the largest nutrition coaching companies in the world, PN is bigger than it’s ever been — and it’s about to get bigger.

To help us scale, we need an experienced Strategic Insights and Product Analytics leader with a background in user experience research and data science to lead our Insights team to inform product development, marketing, and ongoing optimization strategies.

Join our adventure

We’re embarking on a new adventure, and we need a multi-talented analyst to help us perfect our product.

Who we’re looking for

A self-motivated researcher who loves learning about people.


You’re naturally curious.

You have an inquisitive mind, and you're genuinely interested in other people: how they think, how they work, and what their pain points are. You're motivated to make people's lives better through creative problem solving.


You're a fast learner.

You aren't content with being stagnant in your work—you're always looking for ways to do things better, learn new tools, and employ new strategies. You're ready to hit the ground running.


You're an excellent communicator.

You won't be doing your research and just handing it off—you’ll be building a team of researchers, collaborating with people in other departments, and translating your findings into plain English for the rest of the company.


You take initiative.

You don’t like waiting around to be told what to do—you’re ready to manage research projects from start to finish, and you thrive when you have a degree of autonomy in your work.


You respect both qualitative and quantitative research.

You'll be doing a bit of everything here, and you’re just as comfortable with qualitative work as you are exploring and diagnosing quantitative results.


You're a research nerd.

Statistics and research are your second language. You have a good mind for research methodology, and what kind of approach to take for any given problem. You have an understanding of data architecture, data warehouses and data lakes and have the ability to identify what is needed and acquire the resources to build it. You’re passionate about doing ethical research at all times.


You know the tools of the trade.

You have a solid understanding of data warehousing tools and technology including Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres as well as ETL tooling and processes. You’re experienced with reporting tools such as Tableau, Crystal Reports, and so on. You know how to develop KPI dashboards, and you can analyze volumes of log data in SQL like a pro.


You’re adaptable.

You’re comfortable working with cross-functional teams, and you can switch gears as smoothly as a Nascar driver. You’ll be working with multiple sources of data across the organization, which may mean talking to marketing one day and UX another. You need to be able to design and execute research projects that combine qualitative and quantitative methodologies to inform product development, marketing, and ongoing optimization strategies.

What you’ll be doing

Answering our burning questions...

You’re our chief investigator, unearthing the needs of our customers.

Your mission is simple: connect PN with its real-world customers to make sure our product is intuitive, purposeful, and effective. That means:


  • Creating and leading a high performing team that produce insights at scale. You can scope out a skilled candidate a mile away, and you’re comfortable building a team of quantitative and qualitative researchers—and evaluating their work.
  • Guiding the research team. You’ll be vetting the team’s research designs and execution, making sure everything is done to PN’s high standards.
  • Working with multiple data buckets. You’re in charge of all PN’s data, from consumer data to web site metrics to anything else we can fit in an SQL database. That means finding the right people to handle each of those categories, and analyzing all those different sources of data to deliver insights.
  • Creating actionable recommendations. Once your team of researchers has done their job, you’ll be turning that data into plain English, reporting your findings and presenting recommendations to the executive team…and keeping organized records of past research for reference later on.

A few important caveats

This is a dream job, if you’re the right person for it.


Must-Have #1: You must have a wide breadth of experience.

We're looking for someone with 10+ years of experience working with qualitative and quantitative research projects in a digital field. Ideally, you have research experience with both B2B and B2C products, and if you've done so for a SaaS business, even better.


Must-Have #2: You understand people and know how to lead them.

You’re an authentic “people person.” You create a trusting environment, are able to facilitate a conversation to understand everyone's needs, allow for productive and focused dialogue, yet have the ability to recognize when things are getting off track by picking up on those subtle and not so subtle cues—then redirect the conversation.


Must-Have #3: You diplomatically confront conflict head on.

Not everyone agrees 100% of the time. You'll find that we have "strong opinions, loosely held" at PN and aren't afraid to express them. You'll create a space where teams are able to have a healthy discussion, where everyone feels respected and heard, and understands why or why not a particular decision was made or a path was taken.

Wondering if this is the right path for you?

Every year, professionals at the top of their field choose to join us. Here are 5 reasons why.


We give you the freedom to “do you.”

Unlike most companies, we don’t have rigid rules about how and when to do things. You’ll always be free to work independently, whenever, wherever, and however you want -- without the bureaucracy and office politics.


You can work from anywhere.

We’re a 100% remote company, and have been working remote for 17 years. We’re ideally looking for candidates in Canada, but will consider the US as well. When you join our team, you’re no longer shackled to one desk in one office!


Meetings are optional. (No, really.)

You’re an adult. You’re capable of deciding how your time should be spent. If you don’t think you need to attend a meeting, you don’t. Simple as that.


You’ll always feel supported.

In a regular office, it’s easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel, powerless to change things. At Precision Nutrition, we work as a team to overcome issues & barriers that stand in each other’s way, and we treat each other with enthusiasm, compassion, and care.


You’ll never be bored.

People often come to Precision Nutrition after hitting a plateau in their old jobs. At PN, you’ll get the chance to chart new territories in your space, conquer new challenges, learn from the best, and reach thrilling new heights of personal and professional growth.

Plus: no commute ... and no 9-to-5 grind.

Co-founder Phil Caravaggio describes the amazing perks of working in a fully remote company.

Sound like we might just be the perfect company for you?

Then you might just
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