New video: Are eggs good or bad? | Precision Nutrition

New video: Are eggs good or bad?

By John Berardi, Ph.D.


Eat and Run is an internet program we’ve created in partnership with the endurance-oriented folks at (Thus the name; Eat and Run.)

Over the next few months we’ll be bringing you dozens of new high-quality nutrition videos. Every single one supports the important ideas presented in the Precision Nutrition System.

So, make sure you’ve got your copy of PN. And then be prepared for a host of “a-ha” moments as we roll out successive episodes of Eat and Run.

Also, keep one thing in mind. The tips you’ll learn in the Eat and Run program aren’t exclusive to an endurance-oriented audience. Indeed, good nutrition is universally important whether your primary activity is lifting weights or whether it’s lifting your bike pedals.

For now, check out this episode: Are Eggs Good or Bad?

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