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Adam Campbell is Precision Nutrition’s editor-in-chief. He holds a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kansas, and a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His certifications include NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Precision Nutrition Level 2. He’s won two National Magazine Awards (2012, 2004).

Prior to Precision Nutrition, Campbell was Chief Content Officer of Rodale, Inc., where he led editorial content for all Rodale brands and products, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, Runner’s World, and Rodale Books. Before that he served as Editor-in-Chief of and Fitness Director for the Men’s Health brand.

Campbell has authored or coauthored six books—with over one million copies sold—including the New York Times bestseller Men's Health Big Book of Exercises and The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises. He’s also appeared on Today, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and The Dr. Oz Show.

Twitter: @adamcampbell1
LinkedIn: adamcampbellprofile

Articles by Adam Campbell

All About Eating On the Go

Feel like you "don't have time" to eat well? What you probably don't have are good strategies. Whether you're hitting the road for vacation or business, busy at work, or just feel like you "don't have time" to eat well, try our handy tips.

Secret to nutrition success?

Have you ever wondered why you aren't succeeding despite "knowing" what to do? Maybe you've read every nutrition textbook in the library and aren't lean yet. The problem might not be how much you know... it might be what's around you.

All About Glutamine

Should you supplement glutamine? Well, double check: are you lying in a hospital bed? Are you sitting at your Polish grandmother's dinner table? In those cases, the answer may be yes. If not, you may want to save your money.

Expert Tip: Act your nutritional age

You probably know your chronological age. You may even know your RealAge. Or your age in dog years. But do you know your nutritional age? If you don't, you might be trying to pogo stick jump before you can crawl.

All About Cancer and Nutrition

Cancer is a major cause of premature death. Yet cancer is treatable. Cancer is preventable. Good nutrition and avoidance of overweight are two of the most important strategies for keeping this killer from striking.

Four reasons you’re not losing fat

What happens if you’ve got the diet and the exercise part down pat; if your social support is great; your psychology on track… and you still can’t lose fat? Well, that’s when you’ve gotta dig deeper physiologically. That’s when you have to look to the 4 major physiological systems that could be holding you back.

All About Breakfast

"Part of a nutritious breakfast." This line has been used to excuse all manner of horrors: purple sugar Os, granola bars, toaster pastries... Find out what the so-called "most important meal of the day" should really include. Hint: No Captains, Counts or Tigers.

Expert Tip: Tempt yourself

Why does temptation always have to be bad? Here's how to make temptation work FOR, rather than against, your fitness goals.

Fitness success secrets:

Have you ever missed out on accomplishing a goal or task because you were overwhelmed? Well if so, we've got the answer for you. It's called "Habit Based Coaching." And it's the commitment to a single, but immensely important idea: focusing on less helps you achieve more.

All About Measuring Compliance

If you have a set of directions for constructing a desk and you only follow 50% of the instructions, what happens? Well, the same is true when you have a set of directions for getting lean and healthy, and you only follow half of them. To succeed in any endeavour — whether furniture or body recomposition — you must be able to measure your progress and the outcome of your efforts.

Expert Tip: Family dinners

Social support is essential to success. Family plays an important role in our social support networks. Are your family dinners helping or hindering your goals?

Testosterone problems:

Low testosterone -- and low testosterone symptoms aren't just for the sedentary and poorly nourished. Even active men can be affected. If you're a man interested in optimal health, this is an article you'll want to read.

Female hormones:

With the complexity of a female’s hormonal system, why does conventional medicine take such an overly simplistic view of it? Check out this article for a deeper understanding of female hormonal physiology.

All about lectins:

Bean sprouts aren't just for hippies. There's method in that madness -- reducing the harmful effects of lectins, substances found in many foods. If you're experiencing GI distress, lectins may be the culprit. Read more about these ubiquitous substances, and how to control their effects.

Expert Tips: Creating a body transformation

What does it take to transform your body - maybe win our $20,000 Body Transformation Contest? Here's some advice by resident expert Carter Schoffer.

Here’s why you’re always hungry.

If you often grumble about not being full or always being hungry, you may have beachfront property in the world of negative dietary displacement. Are you relying on fake foods to meet your nutrient and satiety needs?

“Good” vs “Too Good”

You've heard the phrase "too good to be true". In this case, it's more like "too good to be real food". What are "too good" foods and why should we avoid them? The PN experimental team, aided by very small lab assistants, investigates.

Why exercise STILL doesn’t work

Time Magazine journalist John Cloud says that exercise is useless. Surprisingly, I sorta agree. Although let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Exercise ALONE doesn't really help with weight loss. But with exercise PLUS good nutritional out.

All About Recovery

You've probably heard of overtraining. In fact, it makes more sense to think about this phenomenon as "under-recovering". Why you should make recovery protocols part of your overall training plan.

Where are they now? Lonnie Ducote

"Once you take it to the limit one time, you know what to do the next time and you just do it. No excuses." So says Lonnie D, winner of the 2007 Male Under 40 PN Challenge. Find out how he's doing now, and his tricks for staying lean even when he doesn't have a PN coach on his case.

How to roast your own coffee

Coffee beans have a host of excellent health properties. However, the typical roasting, grinding, and brewing process tends to diminish both the taste and nutritional quality of the coffee bean. So, around here, when we want coffee, we roast our own. Click here to learn how.

All About Genetically Modified Foods

If you're like 60% of Americans, you probably don't think you've ever eaten a genetically modified (GM) food. Think again. GM foods are everywhere in our food supply. Here's what they are, and why you should care.

Research Review: Weak in the knees?

If you ski, jump, run, or skate, you've probably injured your knee, or know someone else who has. How can you keep yourself safe? Look behind you.

All About Cholesterol:

It's often made out to be the bad guy in today's medical world. But cholesterol is an important molecule in the body. With the right diet and exercise program, you can put the power of cholesterol to work for you. No appointments to see your doc required.