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Adam Campbell

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Adam Campbell



Adam Campbell is Precision Nutrition’s editor-in-chief. He holds a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kansas, and a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. His certifications include NSCA Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Precision Nutrition Level 2. He’s won two National Magazine Awards (2012, 2004).

Prior to Precision Nutrition, Campbell was Chief Content Officer of Rodale, Inc., where he led editorial content for all Rodale brands and products, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, Runner’s World, and Rodale Books. Before that he served as Editor-in-Chief of and Fitness Director for the Men’s Health brand.

Campbell has authored or coauthored six books—with over one million copies sold—including the New York Times bestseller Men's Health Big Book of Exercises and The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises. He’s also appeared on Today, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and The Dr. Oz Show.

Twitter: @adamcampbell1
LinkedIn: adamcampbellprofile

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