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Just got my order

Originally Posted by Carter Schoffer View Post
Some many months ago I was asked for my personal appraisal of True Protein (True Protein Canada). Not wanting to speak out of turn – that is, commenting before I had time to personally appraise – I deferred to comment thoroughly until a later date. For all those patiently awaiting, said later date has arrived.

Since January of this year, I’ve tried a handful of products from their line-up (all bought and paid for at normal cost from my own pocket). These products being –
  • Two different custom milk protein blends. One was ‘fancy’ and included everything but the kitchen sink; the other was more basic, utilizing just 3 types of protein.
  • Two different custom BCAA formulas. The first consisted of BCAA + glutamine; the second was more of a specialty concoction containing 70% BCAA along with a handful of other amino acids.
  • Whey hydrolysate powder
  • Beta-Alanine powder
In no particular order of importance, below lie my general thoughts.
I haven't done protein powder in many moons, but based on the review here I ordered from TP. I picked up some creatine monohydrate, MPI, teamskip, and micellar caseine. The experience for me has been much better than anticipated, and the standard chocolate (non premium) flavors seem just fine in the PN super shakes. Thanks, Carter, for the info.
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Hi Carter,
I am coming back to this thread as I enjoy reading your view(s) on the different protein source sand always value your knowledge and opinion. I will be ordering a few customized blends next week and was also looking into getting the BCAA's --- I prefer powdered over pill form. I was wondering do you still recommend their BCAAs and like your customized protein do you have any recommendations for a customized blend? Would you add in more leucine? Also, any recommended flavors as I know you mentioned the one you tried being "ok". Thanks for your help :)
Nadine Shaban, M.H.K.
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PN Certified Level 1
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