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Old May 5th, 2012, 09:56 AM
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ddociam ddociam ddociam ddociam ddociam ddociam ddociam ddociam ddociam ddociam
Hey Tammy,
Welcome, to PN. It sounds like your doing great on your own. Most of us have found that after a time on our own we need a little encouragement from others in the same journey. I have found a group of friends who support me and encourage me so that I can keep going. Having your own log is a great way to do this.
I will put in a plug for the Lean Eating program. It is a great way to get help in a sensible and straight forward manner. Most who start it fear it but find out it is individualized and all it takes is determination and willingness to trust your coach and the program.
If you just need help with the weights there is that also. Check out Carters body transformation for women. All great stuff,
It that is to vague then ask some of the leaders what you should do. They are great and are there to help. They are busy but great people and willing to help. Jerry
He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.
You want to check out my log?
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Old May 5th, 2012, 02:30 PM
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First the positive:
- I like introducing habits and building on them over a few weeks. At first I was not patient with this, but now I get it and really like the format.
- I like the balance between diet and exercise.

A few things I would change:
- I found it difficult to find some past articles. I would like a search feature in the member zone where I can find past articles.
- We have had several days where homework was required. This is great and l like the assignments. However, I would have liked some coach feedback on the assignments.

I have not had the huge success I had hoped for, but I am sticking with it and hope to see major results the second half of the year.
Ripped and Healthy Me
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Old May 6th, 2012, 07:57 PM
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I have enjoyed the PN system. I have been working with an athletic trainer on dietary changes for several months, but your materials helped me better understand why she was asking me to make the changes. I liked being able to figure out on my own what my carbs, proteins and fats should be and then comparing notes with her. It helped explain a lot.

I love that your system is backed by research. I appreciated all the information about your system that I was able to find out on your website without having to risk a purchase just to see what it is about. It made it much easier to decide to purchase the material.

I haven't been on the member forum much since I joined, but they have been helpful the few times I have looked through them.

The recipes are great! They have given me a great start to expanding my menus at home. My kids even like many of the recipes. The cooking techniques in your books are great!

The one thing that confuses me a little is that you talk about eating things in their natural form (no more than 3 processing steps from how it appears in nature), yet some of the recipes contain things like fat free cheese products and artificial sweeteners. Also, the protein powder you recommend has artificial sweeteners. I'm always looking for ideas on how to cut sugar without adding artificial sweeteners.

It is a great system. Thank you!
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Old May 17th, 2012, 11:47 AM
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Easy & Effective

The PN system is awesome. I had been following a paleo based diet with okay results and starting to get to a point where I was a bit frustrated. Wondering if high-fat diets were as effective as everyone is saying they are. Since doing the PN system I have been getting the results I wanted and it hasn't been that big of a change to my eating plan.

The nutrient timing piece is great and I love being able to get in my carbs post workout. The manual is very user friendly and is backed by strong research. I like the fact that the PN system foundation is it's success with so many clients, where I find other nutrition systems to be strongly supported by studies but not actual success stories based off of clients.

Would highly recommend PN system to anyone. It's a great system. Thank you !

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Old June 5th, 2012, 06:07 PM
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I have difficulties to find information for people with a lot of overweight! I have over 80 pounds to loose. This is the only down side that i have.

Great philosophy, great teaching and great tips to push yourself one step at a time.

Nice email every 2 weeks or so to keep you inform and going.
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Old June 22nd, 2012, 09:02 AM
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DaveT1963 DaveT1963 DaveT1963
My review of PN

Pros: Physical products are very professionally made, easy to understand and the website is well designed. Much of the information is not "new" but it is put togehter in a manner that makes it easier to implement.

Cons: Not a lot here..... only thing I can think of is that many of the links on website are broken (but they are quick to fix when notified).

Recommendations: Most of the transformaton exercise programs are geared for intermediate level.... some basic programs for beginners with more traditional compound lifts may be helpful? Also, being a guy that like specifics, more detailed meal plans would be helpful. Last, many of the recommendations for suppliments are several years old and it would be nice to see some new products evaluated (there are a lot of new green products and the old Greens Plus has changed ownership - is it still the best?) I just wasn't sure if these recommendations are constantly reviewed/updated---- they probably are.

Overall I am glad that I purchased the PN program.... so much so that I am joining the 2012 LE program. I can tell that JB and all the coaches and mentors here are sincere in helping people reach their goals. My plan is to give them another success/transformation story in 12 months
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Old June 24th, 2012, 01:51 AM
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The customization part of the book relies very heavily on body type or how well the body processes carbohydrate, but I never quite figured out which category I am in. It keeps saying "if you handle carbohydrate well,...". I never understand what exactly that means. I need a very visible and simple marker to measure that. Even documents that are posted on the forum never really answer my question. It's a complex phenotype I know, but if there is a way to measure it (although experimental or clinical), I would still like to know what that is.

I didn't think I needed Gourmet Nutrition because I nailed it down before I heard about PN. The issue is no recipes ever work for me because I always get things when they are on sale, and I'm not a big fan of measuring things, except for whey powder and supplements that come with scoops... I am very busy. lol Eventually when I hit a plateau I had to get a scale and measuring cups. I do better with general guidelines like a palm of meat and as much vegetables as I want. I have sort of invented/learn ways to modify recipes of things I like to fit into the program, so that will be more helpful than recipes. Also, I was surprised that a lot of the foods (especially snacks) were much higher in fat than the program in the binder suggested, sometimes unnecessarily (by adding nuts or specifically fat), so that fat calories go above 35%. True that there is nothing wrong with including fats, but I felt like if I ate everything by recipes in the book, I would always be eating too much fat.

If the book was meant to help people achieve their goals and you talked on your Youtube videos that metaanalysis studies show that social support and reward/punishment are two most important factors in how people achieve successful weight loss. It wasn't addressed, or was it meant to be that way because you are also selling the coaching program? If anything I follow the program to the best I can and then I get a lot of people asking if I get on Atkins because I'm skipping all the rice and the breads. Being a career scientist, I need a lot of help as to how to defend my food choices to other people in social situations, at work etc. Then I get a lot of people rolling my eyes at me suggesting that they eat protein and fat for breakfast, or that coconut oil is good and breakfast cereals are bad. That's the toughest parts, but again I'm the one who's seeing the results.

The binder was ambiguous because I never figured out how to determine how my body handles carb. Also, it wasn't thorough enough for me because I am technical and I just like to learn stuff. However, I loved the online material and forums because the people who are on there are qualified to answer the questions and discuss things at a technical level, with experience, degrees and technicality that I like to know (because I'm a scientist). That's why I decided not to return the purchase. With the binder and the book alone I might have though.

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Old June 24th, 2012, 04:25 PM
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jeannedouthit jeannedouthit jeannedouthit jeannedouthit jeannedouthit jeannedouthit jeannedouthit jeannedouthit
Originally Posted by MSP View Post

I have difficulties to find information for people with a lot of overweight! I have over 80 pounds to loose. This is the only down side that i have.

Great philosophy, great teaching and great tips to push yourself one step at a time.

Nice email every 2 weeks or so to keep you inform and going.

I see that you are already reaping the benefits of Lean Eating and PN lifestyle! Way to go!

I just wanted to jump in here and say that I have lost from over 236 pounds down to my curent weight of right around 135 and 13-14% body fat, 53 of those being last year in the Lean Eating program, and I can tell you that if you follow the Lean Eating/ PN style eating and incorporate exercise ( research has shown that at least 5-7 hours per week is best) and really focus on imporving your current habits, whether you have 8 or 80 pounds to lose, it will happen with consisitency.

This year in Lean eating, there are several that have 80+ pounds to lose and they are doing a phenomenal job! I expect no less for you as well! Keep up the good work!
The Pioneer Project
NASM-CPT,Medical Exercise Specialist,

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Old July 1st, 2012, 07:26 AM
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Lucy Little
I love PN

I am so impressed with the PN package. I bought it based on a recommendation from a friend and am more than impressed. I did not buy it to use for weight loss but to use as a healthy eating guide and it has not disappointed. The recipes are great, it is extremely inspirational in helping turn your life in the right direction and make healthy nutrition and exercise a part of your daily life - it can be done.
I would refer anyone and everyone to PN.
Thank you.
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Old July 19th, 2012, 03:39 PM
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Unhappy Terri K

Truthfully, I am disappointed by your program. I was excited to order the books and become a member, but after going over the material for me it's a very unrealistic plan. Consuming carbs only after a workout is so restrictive and unreasonable. I, like many, workout in the morning, so to adhere to PN I need to eat my carbs in the time between my breakfast and lunch and no other time. Not realistic. I am 5'8'' and 127 pounds and fairly fit, so I am not trying to radically change my body so I will go along as always. The real disappoint for me is I was hopeful this would be something wonderful for my 19 year old daughter, who has always struggled with excess weight in her mid section. She is active and quite dedicated to a healthy lifestyle to achieve her goals, but her weight is stubborn. My hope for your program were mostly for her, but as I said we both find it unrealistic at least for us. This was a poor investment for me.
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