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Quite a few questions

Hi. I've got a bundle of questions here.

I've been tracking my physique for a while now and something really bothers me. I've been eating 3-4 times a day and one of those is the post-workout meal. I eat lots of hemp and flex seeds (self-ground), real yoghurt (has 10 % fat), raisins, whey protein powder, stevia (I never use sugar) and ground almonds, quark (about 1 dl) and berries. That's one meal. Other meals will be mixtures of:

- Chicken breasts
- Turkey
- Lean beef
- Minced meat
- Salmon and vendace
- Pork
- asparagus
- tomato
- cucumber
- green salad
- broccoli
- cauliflower
- cabbage
- spinach
- paprika
- real butter
- redwine sauces (self made)
- bernaise sauce (self made)
- chili
- Lamb
- game
- cheese (rarely)
- eggs (about 6a week, mostly 2 at a time)
- leak
- seaweed (very rarely)
- Olive oil
- self made salad dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar etc)

- sea-buckthorn juice (about 20 ml)
- omega 3 fish oil (10 ml or more)
- 10 000 IU of D3 vitamin (liquid form)
- magnesium, 400 mg
- calcium that I make myself from egg-shells and lemon (half a tea spoon + 1/2 lemon)
- about 2-3 liters of water

and an assortment of different herbs

What I never eat:
- Grain (or grain products)
- sugar
- candies / sodas
- Acesulfame K and asparthame
- readymade food
- pestachios and peanuts (lectins and possibly phytates)
- Potato
- bacon

I train at home five to six times a week and about 40-60 minutes at a time, mostly muscle workouts with body weight, ending in dead-lifts with some small weights. I also use a weight-vest (20-30kg).

Now, on the 15th of january at 17:25 I had:

15,3 % fat
76,2 kg bodyweight
57,2 % water
level 2 visceral fat (1 = great, 9 = death)
61,3 kg lean mass

Then on the 24th of february at 17:05:

16,1 %
78,4 kg
level 2
62,5 kg

Then on 15th of march at 18:50

13,8 %
76,1 kg
58,7 %
level 1
62,3 kg

And now, 31st of march at 17:10

16,2 %
78,1 kg
56,7 %
level 2
62,2 kg

What on earth is going on? Why am I gaining in repetitions, but not in lean mass and jumping up and down in body fat? Is the latter because of the time of the day? I always measure 3-4 hours after eating. I eat at 6:30-7:00, 13:00-13:30 and 18:00-18:30 or 19:00-19:30, depending on the day and feeling. Then a post-exercise meal at about 21:30-22:00. I usually go to sleep between 23:30 and 00:30. So I sleep between 6 to 7 hours a night.

Also, I'd like to know are potatoes ok to eat? Do they have any negative things in them and if they do, how do I avoid them?

Now, onto my exercising, which looks like this:

Training routine 1, monday:

15 minute jog

Narrow pull ups - biceps, chest, lats
Leg to ceiling - upper abs
Back lifts - lats
Side fist push ups - triceps, chest, antebrachials
calf muscles - calves
Wide open hand push ups - trapezius, antebrachials
Planks - whole ab

Training routine 2, Wednesday:

15 minute jog

Ma bu - static quadriceps (horce stance)
Incline rows dumbell - lower lats, triceps
Knee to elbow push ups - obliques, arm
Hanging knee lifts - lower abs
shoulder width rev - antebrachials, trapezius, biceps
Russian twists - upper abs
The Dog - glutes

Training routine 3, Thursday:

15 minute jog

Squat - deep quadriceps
Bike abs - upper abs, obliques
Wide open hand push ups - trapezius, antebrachials
Slowly moving debo/sebo - quadriceps (side horse stance)
Back lifts - lats
Side plank - obliques
Shoulder width pull ups - biceps, lats, chest, antebrachials

Training routine 4, Friday:

15 minute jog

Side plank crunch - obliques
narrow pull ups - biceps
Incline rows bar - trapezius, triceps, upper lats
Squat - quadriceps
Leg to ceiling - upper abs
Normal fist push ups - Chest, antebrachials, triceps
plank - all abs

Training routine 5, HIIT, Sunday:

10 minute small jog

1 minute max run
2 min walking

ALL with 1,5 min break after each move.

Now, after doing wednesday's routine, I can't do thursday anymore, because my legs feel horrible - like the area between my skin an muscle would be burning. Therefore I can't do the warm-ups.

Is there anything I should change in my training? My goal is to get lean muscle, lose fat and gain strength. P.S. I seem to have a difficulty in increasing my pull-up amounts.

Thanks for managing to read such a LONG post.
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No, it's all good.

Regarding measurements... since you're reporting % water I'm assuming you're using an impedance scale. They are horrendously inaccurate. They tend to measure high for most people (and low for others) and the variability is quite high also. The fact it bounced up or down by several percent is normal. Now if you use calipers... expect the same thing. They are often in error by 1-3 mm, which over several sites can add up to an error of 10mm or more. Depending on how lean you are than can be a very significant error.

The moral? Bodyfat measurements are very slippery. They need to be considered in tandem with weight, and qualitative measure like the mirror and how clothes are fitting. Based on the fact that your total weight hasn't really changed, and your bf% has bounced around more or less the same midpoint, I suspect your actual bodyfat is unchanged.

I can hear your frustration from here.


Well for starters, it takes 4-6 months to really notice a visible change. You are just on the edge of that target or being able to see things. The way to tell if you are gaining muscle is if your weight is going up, and if your strength is improving. If the answer to these questions is "no", then you aren't gaining muscle. The way to tell if you are losing bodyfat is if your clothes are looser, or you girths are dropping. If the answer is "no", then you aren't losing fat.

I hate to say this, but based on what I've read I suspect you are pretty much the same today as January.
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Thanks alot for that answer.

I am using a Tanita BC-543. Dunno if that is an impendance scale or not.

But, whilst I see no bodily changes, some of my muscles have become far more powerful. The best of all has been the improvement of my abs. For instance, my russian twists went like this:

20 + 28+ 17 in january.

Now I do:

70 (5kg weight) + 86 (2,5 kg weigth) + 100 (0 kg weight)

But as I said, I seem to have problems with pull-ups and my legs seem to hurt a helluva lot.

Also, I still am unsure about that potato and about my training in general.
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Old April 15th, 2012, 12:18 PM
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Rouxinol Rouxinol Rouxinol Rouxinol
Originally Posted by KevinGibbs View Post
I am using a Tanita BC-543. Dunno if that is an impendance scale or not.
It is, so don't put too much stock in it. If you do use it, you should take care of using it to measure long-term change and at the exact same time & day. For example, Saturday morning before breakfast at 9 AM. Still, I wouldn't trust it too much even then.

Also, I still am unsure about that potato and about my training in general.
How long have you been following this specific routine? How is your recovery in general? Are you stressed? Getting enough sleep?

Potatoes are root vegetables. They come from the ground, they do not come in packages or plastic bags with a long list of ingredients, they look pretty much the same on your plate as they do when you pick them (less dirty I would hope). You could easily grow them yourself. This tells me that potatoes are a natural, whole food, which is good to eat. Do they contain carbohydrates? Yes, most root vegetables do. Are they dangerous? No. Should you eat them in unlimited amounts? No, but this is true of any food. Eat them in moderation and when it's appropriate for you to eat starchy carbs.

I really don't understand the fear of potatoes. As long as you don't make it a vessel for junk (i.e load up a baked potato with loads of sour cream, sauces, mounds of butter and cheese etc.) it's a nice, tasty little vegetable and you shouldn't treat it as verboten any more than any other starchy root vegetables.

I think people are wary of it because it tends to be one of the few vegetables that "unhealthy" folks will eat, and then usually in a degenerate form (like fries, or instant mashed potatoes) and people compare it unfavourable to it's star cousin, the sweet potato. I honestly feel bad for the poor guy.

What you could try is different kinds of potato than white ones, have you had red-skinned potatoes? Or Blue Kongo potatoes? They look pretty cool!

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Old April 15th, 2012, 03:54 PM
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Right.. well, that won't happen easily, because I live a very fast paced life.

Which answers one of your questions - yes, I am stressed. I probably have high cortisone levels, which would explain why all my fat is in my abdomen and in the 'love' handels.

My recovery is usually fast, albeit lately I think I've over done my legs, as I previously stated.

I haven't been following this one for more than a week - It used to be a jumble of all of these moves, but I hope that this would make my exercising less toll-taking.

Albeit, I'm starting to think that I might have to make more adjustements - make a hand and chest day, leg day, abs and back day and repeat. Then again, I wouldn't be able to do all these moves, so I suppose I'd have to change the moves for every month or so.

And I can't try any other potatoes... there are none in finland. We suck with food variety.

Thanks a bunch in your great answer!
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