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Improving Vision - by relaxation?

As part of one's health, visual acuity is pretty important. It's our primary sense and right at the top of the senory-motor hierarchy of vision-balance-proprioception.

My distance vision sux. well, has sucked.

Over the past couple of weeks have been exploring practices to improve near-sighted vision - perhaps reduce near-sighted vision? - and as the effect seems to be continuing well, thought i'd share the approach here. Here's the overview at begin2dig.

The summary approach:
  • take one snellen chart;
  • stand the requisite distance away
  • look at the chart - don't stare
The wild thing is that waiting without straining, relaxing, genlty shifting head position, will bring in what may seem a startling clarity - if only initially momentarily.

Big take away for me: this practice takes time - not effort but uneffort of time.

Sunny days - good daylight -seems to make a world of difference for initial work.

Would be interested if anyone else has explored improving near sighted vision performance.

dr. m.c. schraefel, ph.d, c.eng, cscs, pnl1
neural movement specialist, zhealth master trainer
rkc ii, sfgII ck-fms, ikff ckt (coaching testimonials)
* follow online at, @begin2dig,

* approaches: what's a movement assessment and why is having one is important?
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