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Precision Nutrition

Would you like to...

Design meaningful experiences

Travel and work from anywhere

Never commute again

Spend time with your family

We're different at PN—We work remotely to allow our team to accomplish both their professional and personal ambitions, without trade offs. Want to travel the world and work with a brilliant team? You can. Want to spend time with your young children and work from home? You can do that too. This is how we live our lives at PN and we'd love to share that possibility with you.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for an interaction designer to join our team.
But more importantly, we're looking for a very specific person.

  • Someone with the capacity to listen, think, and consider what other people are saying to flesh out a broader understanding of hard, complex problems.
  • Someone who's willing to be open-minded, considerate, vocal, cool, and be able to reason your way through something.
  • Someone who happens to have an incredible ability to design beautiful products.

Who we're not looking for

About Us

PN is a unique company in many ways — from the way we're structured (flat, rather than hierarchical) to how we work (remotely, rather than in a fancy office). Here's a bit more about us so you can see if we'd be a good fit for you.


Find everyone who’s ready to live the healthiest and most fulfilling life, be accessible to them, and help them make transformative, sustainable change happen — whether that's a nutrition coaching client who wants to revamp their health, or someone who's making a career change and entering the fitness industry to make a living doing what they love.

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PN values the highest standards, generosity, and all-in-ness. The content we publish, the research we conduct — we always strive to punch above our weight. We're generous with each other and with our customers, preferring to err on the side of over-giving, over-delivering, being more generous than most companies would be. That’s the PN way. Everyone cares about the health of the organization, how it works, what the customers get. Employees have a strong sense of personal responsibility to fill in the gaps and do their best to make stuff happen.

Our mantra

Life-changing, research-driven nutrition coaching for everyone. We believe that health and good nutrition should be accessible to everyone, which means we spend most of our waking hours thinking about how to consistently deliver the best products that create the largest impact in the lives of our customers.

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  • We teach

    We teach people how to do exercise and nutrition at the highest level. From our evergreen material that we give away on our blog to our comprehensive level 1 and level 2 certification programs.

  • We research

    In two ways. Qualitatively by talking to people, figuring out what’s really happening, what works and what doesn’t in their life. Quantitatively by looking at broad trends and using data, experimentation and the scientific method to figure out how to do exercise and sport nutrition better.

    We research academically, run studies at the university level and in peer-reviewed journals. We've lost count of how many Ph.Ds we have!

  • We coach

    We get in there one-on-one or one-to-small-group, we have a person who is a coach taking an active interest in the progress of clients, trying to make progress in their lives using exercise and sport nutrition. We've done this with over 50,000 clients, ranging from professional athletes like the San Antonio Spurs to people who've lost upwards of 152 lbs on our coaching program.

How our product team works


Brainstorming Sessions

Determining where the product's future needs to be, identifying problems and opportunities.


Sketching solutions

Mapping the future to today. Low-fidelity solution sketching to figure out what we need to do immediately (i.e. what is the very next thing we have to do as a team.)

Getting user feedback

Putting the low-fidelity solutions in front of customers to verify whether what we've designed is solving a real problem in their lives.


Iterating based on feedback

Listening to feedback from all stakeholders (i.e. customers, product owner, etc), processing that feedback to create an improved version that's ready to go into development.

Laptop with prototype

Developing and shipping features

Demoing final designs with the development team so everyone's clear on what needs to be built and how. Features go through our agile development process until shipment (i.e. goes over the wall).

We serve people who

Want to become something
We help thousands of clients make life-changing transformations through our coaching programs.
Want to help people become something
We equip people who want to help others with research-driven education and software products.

As an organization, we

Work remotely

Some timezone overlap and good internet, those are the requirements of our “office”. Whether you want to work from home or from a beach in Costa Rica — you now can.

Offer 4 weeks paid time-off and benefits

Staycations, mountain climbing, reading by a beach — we make sure everyone takes sufficient time to unplug from work and do whatever recharges their batteries.

Seek and support diversity

Our team is consists of people from all walks of life — former police officers, doulas, professors — we believe diversity in lived experiences is one of our team's biggest strengths.

Give you the flexibility to make your own schedule

At PN, we have early birds that start at 5am and night owls who don’t eat lunch until 4pm. Then there’s a bunch of people in between. Work on a schedule that makes you most productive.

Fancy gear and tech

Whether you’re Apple or Windows, Bose or Sennheiser — we’ll set you up with whatever fancy gear you need to perform at your best

Frequently asked questions

What’s a typical day like?

Everyone's a little different, some are early birds and others are night owls. But roughly speaking, a typical day on our product team starts with a 11:30 am standup meeting with the team via Google Hangouts. That's when we'll go over what everyone's doing, if they need anything unblocked, and off to the races we go. The rest of the day can consist of design pairing for a new feature, polishing an existing feature or spiking out an idea to an unsolved problem. All those things are done with a combination of Slack, Hangouts/Zoom, ScreenHero, and whichever design tool of choice (Sketch/Illustrator). Also Google Docs, they always sneak themselves in there.

Remote team, holacracy thing, how does it work?

Every one of our 60 team members works remotely. Depending on who you're talking to, that could mean they're working from home so they can spend time with their kids or they're working from Colombia so they satisfy an insatiable wanderlust.

If you're wondering why remote? We usually ask, why not? PN is built in a way to let our team live in whichever way suits them best while doing their life's work.

Technology has advanced to a point where the internet is readily available in large parts of the world, super powered computers are under 2 lbs and collaboration tools like Slack, Google Docs and Hangouts are commonplace. It's never been easier to work together without being in the same physical space.

To read more about how we work remotely, here's an article by our Co-Founder, Phil:

Holacracy is a type of organizational structure. One that has roles instead of ranks, looks flat instead of hierarchal. It was an answer to this question: What if we could maintain the entrepreneurial spirit of the organization while growing rapidly?

To read more on Holacracy, here's an interview between Phil and the founder of Holacracy, Brian Robertson:

Could I know more about the product I'll be working on? (i.e. ProCoach)

Definitely. We're always open to questions but here's a good place to start:

We would love to know you a little better!

When you get a new problem to solve, what is your first instrument of choice?

What digital products and/or apps do you like, and why?

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What's your approach to prototyping and validating product ideas?

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